Montenegro Defeats Bosnia and Herzegovina, Simić and Burić Do Wonders on Goal

By , 06 Apr 2018, 21:11 PM Sport
Simić Simić foto: Reuters

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Everyone was in the shadow of the two Bundesliga goalkeepers, and this victory of the "Lions" will be remembered.

Phenomenal goalkeeping marked the first of two friendly matches of the Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina handball teams. Nebojsa Simić had 17 saves and one penalty, while Benjamin Burić stopped a total of 20 balls, four of which were penalties, reports Vijesti on April 6, 2018.

Everyone else seemed to be in the shadow of the two Bundesliga goalkeepers, but the victory of the "Lions", who won at 21:18, will be remembered.

The selection of Bosnia and Herzegovina led 4-2 at the University hall in Podgorica but did not get a goal for almost 11 minutes. The home team, with two goals by Stevan Vujović and a penalty Nemanja Grbović from Vuk Lazović and Milan Popović, turned the game to 7:4.

Bilal Šumana's team leveled 7:7, but Dragan Djukić's side went up 11:7 by scoring four goals.

In the second half, the visitors came to minus two goals a few times, but Grbović scored form two counterattacks, and Popović scored an empty goal for 16:11 in the 42nd minute.

Seven minutes later, a returnee to the national team, 19-year-old Branko Vujović, scored for 19:13 and it was clear who would win.

The same rivals will meet on Saturday at 16.30 in the same hall.

Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina 21:18 (11:8)

Podgorica - University Hall. Spectators: 300. Referees: Vujačić and Kaluđerović (Montenegro). Penalties: Montenegro 6 (2), BiH 4 (2). Exclusions: Montenegro 4, BiH 8 minutes.

Montenegro: Borilović, Mijušković (one save and one penalty saved), Simić (17 saves and one penalty), Perišić 2, Popović 2, Čavor, Pejović, Anđelić 1, B. Vujović 2, Radović, Bakić, Radojević, Čampar, Lazović 1, S Vujović 2, Ševaljević 1 (1), Petričević, Božović 3, Lasica 2, Grbović 5 (1).

BiH: B. Burić (16 saves and four penalties), Ahmetašević, Tarabokija 2, Delić, Perić, Vranješ 4, Vrgoč, Panić 2, Mandić, Klis, Terzić 3 (2), Toromanović, Haseljić, Grđan, Nuić 1, Predragović 4, Vegar 2.

This article was translated from an article by N.N. on Montenegro beat Bosnia and Herzegovina, Simić and Burić did wonders on goal

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