Montenegro v. Turkey: 'In Cyprus I Didn't See What I wanted; We Must be Better Against Turkey'

By , 26 Mar 2018, 23:54 PM Sport
Ljubiša Tumbaković Ljubiša Tumbaković foto: SAVO PRELEVIĆ

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The Montenegro national football team and Turkey will play a friendly match at 19:10 tonight. 

When the coach says that a match "should be forgotten as soon as possible," he doesn’t have to go into much detail - it's simple, and he is not satisfied with what his team showed, reports Vijesti on March 26, 2018.

That, in fact, means he saw more bad than good.

This seems to be the case with Ljubiša Tumbaković, based on his brief analysis of the match in Cyprus, before the match against Turkey in Podgorica.

"We have not seen even a part of what I want from this team, but part of our plan is fulfilled," said Tumbaković.

"The players were given a chance, who, in our opinion, did not have enough minutes in the previous period. We have seen the details – who we can and who we can’t. If that goal is fulfilled, then the match with Cyprus had some purpose."

The next rival is stronger than Cyprus, and the match is played at home - meaning the energy and motive should be even stronger. 

"We always have a great motive when we play for the national team. It was like that in Cyprus, and it will be that against Turkey. We are entering the match with a goal to achieve a positive result, and we will give the maximum, as always, " said Nikola Vukčević.

"No coach doesn’t like to win. The purpose of my work is a result, but in one part of the work, which we have to do, the result is the second plan. Although, it's never been the case with me. The thinking has to go in the other direction," said Tumbaković.

The absence of Stevan Jovetić will weaken Montenegro, and Stefan Savić is also in question. 

"I hope the game will be much better than in Cyprus; it must be better. We will try to impose some of our qualities against a who wants to gain dominance and possession, and who has one great player in the attack, " said Tumbaković.

This article was translated from an article by Vijesti sport on In Cyprus I haven't seen any part of what I want, it must be better against Turkey

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