Young Falcons in Luxembourg, Coach Expects a Difficult Match

By , 22 Mar 2018, 20:39 PM Sport
Mojaš Radonjić Mojaš Radonjić foto: FSCG.ME

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The young national team plays tomorrow against Luxembourg.


The U-21 national team of Montenegro will play away against Luxembourg in the 6th round of Group 9 qualifications for the European Championship tomorrow evening, reports CdM on March 22, 2018.

The next opponent of the "Falcons" won four points in the previous part of the competition, which is three more than the team of Mojaš Radonjić.

"A difficult game is ahead of us. There are no easy matches, especially in this group, where the French are far ahead of everyone, and all others, but let’s say, about the same quality. There is no difference whether our opponent is Slovenia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan or Luxembourg. Therefore, it will be a difficult game, especially as we play on the side. They are very athletic, they have a special style of play, they look more like Scandinavians than Middle Europeans, but we will see how it will look. We decided how we will play the match. Everything depends on how the match will open," said Radonjić.

This time, there were problems with injured players.

"Injured players is an established practice, but this does not happen only in our country, but also with much stronger teams. This happens drastically in our country because we have a minimal number of players, so the absence of three or four is visible. We cannot put together a team that we could objectively have, but that’s always the case with the gathering. We're used to it, and this is not a big problem. I think that this time the situation is a bit better than before because most players have played enough in their clubs to be able to play for 90 minutes. Also, we are older, so we have the necessary experience to make a good result, " added Radonjić, who had the opportunity to watch the games of tomorrow's opponent.

"We have all the data, and I watched them live. We have all the games they played; we made a little summary of the details that we showed to the players so they could have an insight."

The match between Luxembourg and Montenegro is played tomorrow at 18.30 at the City Stadium in Differdange.

 This article was translated from an article on Young Falcons in Luxembourg, the coach expects a difficult match

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