"I Will Fight that Borozan Plays Against Croatia"

By , 21 Mar 2018, 16:45 PM Sport
Vuko Borozan Vuko Borozan foto: CdM.me

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Montenegro's handball coach Dragan Djukić has said that he will try to convince our best handball player, Vuko Borozan, to play in a double match with Croatia for the World Cup.

The back of Vardar has stepped out of the national team again, and the question is, is he ever going to wear the "Red" jersey? CdM reports on March 21, 2018.

"Borozan will not play in the friendly matches against Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I will continue to fight, and I believe that he will be part of the team against Croatia. Vuko is a great guy. He still did not completely heal from the injury that made him miss the European Championship. He awaits the decisive games with Vardar in the Champions League, the final tournament. I will repeat it - I did not and will not give up on Vuko Borozan. I will fight so that he can wear the shirt with the national coat of arms in the matches that are vital for Montenegro," Djukić told Sports Club.

Borozan missed the past European Championship due to injury, and in the qualifications for this competition, he was by far the best scorer.

 This article was translated from an article by L.Đ. on CdM.me: I will fight that Borozan plays against Croatia

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