Mornar Against Ostende Tomorrow: The Pressure is On!

By , 14 Mar 2018, 17:02 PM Sport
Pavićević Pavićević FOTO: SAVO PRELEVIĆ

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Mihailo Pavićević's team is minus 13 points from the first match in Belgium.

After an 84:71 defeat in Belgium, the Mornar basketball players are closer to being eliminated than going to the quarterfinals of the FIBA Eurocup. However, they have not lost hope, and on the contrary, they believe that tomorrow night (20:30) in "Topolica", in front of their fans, they could beat their opponent who was last year's semi-finalist of the competition, reports Vijesti on March 13, 2018.

And this is primarily because Mihailo Pavićević's players have already provided their fans with several surprises and big matches in the ABA League and FIBA Eurocup this season. 

"I wish that 'Topolica' hall will be full, and that fans will come and see how Mornar could play with hard pressure for 40 minutes. We need their help to endure the incredible physical effort that awaits us. And on the wings of their cheerleading and support, we can withstand everything. I am convinced that we will win with a 20 points difference or we will lose by lot of points. But I think that, in the end, we will be the happy ones after the game.," emphasizes Pavićević.

The coach of Mornar says that his team will start with pressure on the rivals as soon the game starts, and in his funny way explained that it will not only be when the referee throws the ball. 

"No, but as soon as they get out of the bus!" Pavićević explains as he comments on the fight he expects from his team.

As in the first match, Pavićević cannot count on the injured center Uroš Luković, which, of course, is a big handicap for the team from Bar.

"I only mention Luković's injury because of him, to draw attention to his phenomenal season, and not as an alibi that we will not compete. I just want to give him recognition and express my gratitude for everything he has done for us during this season, and those who are healthy and who will be running on the court, be sure, they will be ready to do their best. The team that is on the court is the best team," Pavićević concluded, emphasizing that they “owe” the Belgians because of their rough play in the first game.

Mornar and Ostende were also rivals last season in the FIBA Champions League, and both teams achieved victories in front of their fans.

Mornar won 74:72 in Bar and lost 80:60 away.

The management of Mornar has decided that the entrance to the Topolica Hall for the match with Ostende will be free.

 This article was translated from an article by S.J. on Mornar tomorrow against Ostende: Rival on the pressure as soon as they exit from the bus!

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