"It's a Beautiful Feeling to Carry the Flag of Your Country"

By , 10 Mar 2018, 13:11 PM Sport
"It's a Beautiful Feeling to Carry the Flag of Your Country" CDM

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At the age of 17, Jelena Vujičić fulfilled her dream and felt the stage of the Winter Olympics in Pyongyang. A young girl from Žabljak had the honor to carry the Montenegrin flag at the opening ceremony, after which she performed in two disciplines.

In the giant slalom, she took the 58th position, while in just the slalom she finished without placement.

The talented Vujičić spoke to CdM about her impressions from South Korea.

"The feeling is unreal. One great experience for me. Knowing that I was part of it was the realization of a dream. Words are not enough to describe it. I will not say that I'm not satisfied, I slipped in the slalom, I did not have luck simply, and stage freight did its own thing. Skiing is an unpredictable sport. It can always be better especially now, while I’m young, and when I need to progress more and more," she said.

CdM: What winter sports stars did you have the opportunity to meet and who left you the strongest impression on you?

Vujičić: I saw them all because I went to their performances outside of my competition. The most significant and most beautiful impression was from Lindsey Von.

CdM: What will you remember from the games in Pyongyang?

Vujičić: I will remember them for their experience, socializing, a great opportunity to try myself against all the great stars of the Alpine skiing. 

CdM: Who, in your opinion, is the leading hero of the entire Olympics?

Vujičić: Ester Ledecka. She won the gold medal in snowboarding, and she used the skis of Mihaela Šifrin in the super G where she was the leader on the podium, and it was somehow a great surprise for everyone - to win a medal in two different disciplines.

CdM: What made it easier for you - to wear the Montenegrin flag at the opening or just to participate?

Vujičić: Frankly, between these two you cannot decide. Carrying the flag of your country is a beautiful feeling that makes you happy, proud and excited. And again, on the track, you represent yourself, the nation, and to be able to do it at such a grand stage is an incredible feeling.

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