Sailing School Starting, European Competitors Coming to Tivat

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Sailing School Starting, European Competitors Coming to Tivat Laser Competitors Sailing in Luštica Bay, Source:

May 30, 2020 - Sailing club Delfin from Tivat, in the current situation of complete uncertainty for all of us, is intensively preparing for a dynamic sailing season. In addition to sailing school and organization of domestic competitions, it brings a significant event in the history of Montenegrin sailing. This fall, in the waters of Trašte Bay, with the wholehearted support of the company Luštica Development, Tivat and Montenegro will host the European Laser Class Championship, for which about 150 competitors from 40 countries have already confirmed participation.

The Delfin sailing club boasts a tradition of almost 70 years. It was founded in Tivat within the Club of Technology back in 1951, and since then, it has been the backbone of the development of sailing, not only in Boka Bay but in the whole of Montenegro. Thanks to its dedicated work in the sailing school, which organizes every summer, the club can boast of exceptional results at the international level in recent years, which has put it in a position to bring major international regattas to Montenegro. Last fall, the Balkan Championship was sailed in Tivat with the participation of 12 national teams. This October, in the waters of Luštica Bay, we expect about 250 competitors from all over the world, because the European Championship is an open type.

All this would not be possible without the "primary naval school," as the club observes the work with the youngest in the sailing school, which will start on June 13 this year.

"We view sailing school as primary maritime education. Through daily work with more experienced competitors of the club, children gain basic knowledge about the sea, the winds that blow in our country, learn to tame the wind, and operate a sailboat, as well as to fully equip and dismantle the boat. They learn the basics of aerodynamics, sea knots, they overcome fear of the sea learning to respect it, "points out the president of Delfin, Frano Tripović.

The sailing school gathers about 100 students every summer, and the club points out that a large number of foreigners are among them, both residents and tourists. Official information about the beginning of this year's "primary maritime school" of the Sailing Club Delfin is expected on Monday after the meeting of the Board of the club. We know so far from this year that the school will be raised to an even higher level, with specific skills to be gained during two and a half months of school, to finally approach the practical and theoretical examination of the acquired knowledge and skills.

"We in Boka have a maritime high school. We also have a naval faculty. In this context, our sailing clubs are a place where our children need to acquire basic naval knowledge. Our goal is for as many children as possible to come and try their hand at sea. Sailing is a specific sport because it brings the skills needed in any future sea activity. But not only that. It develops self-confidence in children, teaches them to be independent and responsible. Because very early on, they become aware that it is up to them how their ship will sail in the given circumstances. "

New sailing field - Luštica Bay aquarium

Thanks to the cooperation with the company Luštica Development, Delfin has opened an entirely new sailing field outside Boka for local sailors, which offers desirable conditions, both for training and for organizing competitions such as this year's European Championship. The Delfin's sailors in the Laser class have been training on Luštica for several weeks now, and soon the competitors of other national teams will come to the preparations. During June, already, one of the best sailors and the most trophy-winning coaches in the world, Jozo Jakelić, arrives, who brings competitors from several European national teams. 

"Jozo is our old friend and collaborator and a man to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude because our competitors are always welcome to prepare in Split," says the head coach of Delfin, Ilija Klakor. "Tonci Stipanovic from Croatia, the owner of silver from the last Olympic Games, Pablos Kontides, the owner of the only Olympic medal for Cyprus and the Croatian competitor Filip Jurisic, currently tenth in the Laser Standard class on the list of the World Sailing Federation, and three Croatian juniors are coming in next two weeks. Competitors from Russia and Hungary, who are also part of the team being prepared by Jozo Jakelic for the European Championships in Tivat, are waiting for the borders to open to confirm their arrival."

"The national teams of Serbia, Austria, and Germany also expressed interest in coming to Tivat as soon as possible, " says Ilija Klakor.

In anticipation of rivals from other countries, Boka sailors have been listening to the sea, currents, and winds in the Luštica Bay area for several weeks now, enthralled by the opportunity to train on the "big sea."

"Thanks to modern technologies and the investment of Luštica Development in Trašte Bay, and their recognition of the potential that cooperation with local sailors brings for their project, a completely new and perfect sailing field has opened for us with challenging currents and winds. It offers us conditions for training and competitions that we do not have in the waters of Boka Bay, "states with satisfaction the president of YC Delfin, Frano Tripović.

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