No Dilemma, the Champion is Known: Sutjeska Won at “Trešnjica”, New Draw for Budućnost

By , 05 Mar 2018, 17:40 PM Sport
No Dilemma, the Champion is Known: Sutjeska Won at “Trešnjica”, New Draw for Budućnost PHOTO: SAVO PRELEVIĆ

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Sutjeska gained a 16-point advantage, after winning over Zeta and a draw with Budućnost.

The footballers of Sutjeska have won one of the toughest away matches, and after the draw against Budućnost (the third in a row) it is definitely clear who will win the title.

Nikola Rakojević's men increased their lead to 16 points, and by the end of the championship, they could lose five matches or lose 15 points, provided that the current champion achieves all the victories by the end.

Perhaps Sutjeska may lose, but Budućnost, of course, has no power and quality to challenge them.

The leader won against Zeta by the goal of Branislav Jankovic, who scored in the 71’ minute.

And the third time this spring, the team of Vladimir Vermezović won a single point, after a weak 0:0 draw in Radanovići against Grbalj.

Mladost did not manage to take advantage of Budućnost's poor form, and only played 1:1 against Kom Eurzox. Admir Adrović missed the penalty in the 50th minute which goalkeeper Kom Perović saved.

That's why Rudar, with their second consecutive triumph, came in fourth place, having the same number of points as Mladost. Marko Vuković scored the goal against Dečić.


Zeta - Sutjeska 0:1

Branislav Janković 71.

Grbalj - Budućnost 0:0

Mladost - Kom Eurozox 1:1

Zoran Petrović 23. - Ivan Pejaković 45.

Admir Adrović (Mladost) missed the penalty 54’ min.

Rudar - Dečić 1:0

Marko Vuković 58.

Petrovac - Iskra 0:0

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