Nikola Vukcevic: We Have Nothing to Lose, We Believe Against England

By , 25 Mar 2019, 10:58 AM Sport
Nikola Vukcevic Nikola Vukcevic Savo Prelevic

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England has never had a stronger representation than the one that is coming to Podgorica, said the Montenegrin national player Nikola Vukcevic at the press conference before the big game under Gorica.

"I have not played against a national team like England; this is the best team that has come to us, at least since I'm in the team. They play at a high level, and they are young. We believe, of course, that we can achieve a positive result," said Vukcevic.

Montenegro's qualifications started with a draw against Bulgaria and victory was lost over a controversial penalty. 

"Maybe we emptied ourselves emotionally after losing two points in this way. However, we have to look into the future, there is an important game waiting for us, in which we can get a lot, and we have nothing to lose," he said. 

England has been the guest under Gorica twice, and both times Montenegro took a point.

"In the previous two games we were not defeated, we want to continue the positive set, but it will be difficult. We believe in our quality; the most important thing is that we enter in 15-20 minutes very strong mentally, to amuse the fans so they could give us the wings. The fans are a great help, but the atmosphere depends on us," said Vukcevic. 

England is made up of great players, but Vukcevic signals out two of them. They are Kane and Sterling. "They are the greatest danger to us, but I believe we can stop them," said the Levante midfielder.

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