Buducnost Defeats Real Madrid at Home!

By , 20 Jan 2019, 20:17 PM Sport
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The basketball players of Buducnost Voli achieved a great victory against Real Madrid in the European League.

Buducnost has entered five wins this season, and the fact that they defeated CSKA and Real Madrid in Moraca, two of the three main favorites, show that they deserve a place among the elite.

The wins over two such teams have also confirmed to the greatest skeptics (in modern language - haters) that our team has not accidentally wandered into such a society, and the ways the greats teams lost themselves in the grotto of Podgorica hall are completely different.

The result reveals everything, and the win over Real Madrid should be a pointer of how Buducnost Voli should play in the future.

In the 19 matches this season, Real Madrid once switched 100 points, in six matches they scored over 90 points, eight times that team scored 80 or more points.

Fenerbahce stopped them at only 63 points, and Buducnost would have lowered them to under 60 if Kampaco did not announce in the last attack that he could pull the ball up to the end of time and then he went to the hoop which made the princes move to 58.

So, this kind of attack machinery that has achieved the highest points in the European League this season, Buducnost has dropped to 60 points, which is 25 less than the Real's average!

The fact is that players of Real did not have their night in the attack, but nobody would ever doubt that at any point in Moraca they had an easy time throughout the game. They struggled to earn most of the points, there were moments when judges allowed and gave them free throws.

Buducnost Voli played phenomenally as a team last night, the defense was straightforward and only in that way miracles can be done.

Buducnost showed extreme aggression in the defense. They had ten steals, almost twice the average they had in the season (5.58).

Easy points were rarely allowed (25 fouls were made, and Real made 22 throws).

Real had a total of 18 lost balls and the team from Madrid has an average of 12 per one match!

All this allowed Buducnost to reach the triumph. There is a major difference in the match against CSKA. There was no need for a sensation of shots. The win has been earned with enormous combat, and they have come to it with only seven three-pointers and 43 percent of two points shots.

There has been a lot of talks about how the last season's trophy was won thanks to the energy brought by the domestic players. That was the key factor last night, also. Suad Šehović gave 100% for each ball, while Filip Barovic was fighting like a lion against Tavares. Since his arrival, at the same energy level is also Noriss Cole, as well as Goga Bitadze, and that atmosphere made everyone thelp as never before.

Earl Clark had a night even below the average when it comes to the offense. On the other hand, he compensated it with a great combat. Until the match with Real, he had eight steals, and last night he stole it from the rivals three times. He had two blocks, took over, helped, was not an observer in the defense, but one of the 12 players who crashed the champions of Europe.

They should not, and must not, fly too high after this triumph. Surely they will not, because Repeša is too experienced.

Yet what is clear, Buducnost is finally acting as a team, a compact entity that was the basis for the historic last season.

And the victory over Real must be a massive injection for self-confidence. 

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