Who Are the Donors for the ‘Boss’ Campaign

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Who Are the Donors for the ‘Boss’ Campaign Source: DPS

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Đukanović has collected 225 thousand euro in donations, some of the money was contributed by members of the Marković cabinet and directors of departments

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Socialists Party (DPS) Milo Đukanović has so far received over 225,000 euro in donations, while his campaign was supported by the Prime Minister and members of his cabinet, almost all DPS MPs and many mayors.

As cited in a report submitted to the Anti-Corruption Agency, Đukanović invested 1,400 into his campaign, with 12 government members donating, headed by Prime Minister Duško Marković. The DPS Deputy President donated 1,000 euro, the same amount sent by Finance Minister Darko Radunović and Sustainable Development and Tourism Minister Pavle Radulović. Interior Minister Mevludin Nuhodžić donated 800 euro, and 100 euro less was given by ministers of defence and economy, Predrag Bošković and Dragica Sekulić. Among the 374 donors, 500 euro each was donated by Deputy PMs for political and economic systems Zoran Pažin and Milutin Simović, as well as Culture Minister Aleksandar Bogdanović, Sports Minister Nikola Janović, Public Administration Minister Suzana Pribilović and Education Minister Sanja Damjanović.

The government also sent 500 euro form General Secretary Nataša Pešić, also a member of the State Election Commission. The party leader was supported by almost all DPS MPs. Donations of the parliament members were mostly 500 euro, while only Deputy Parliament Speaker Branimir Gvozdenović and MP Petar Ivanović sent 1,000 euro each.

500 euro was also sent to the Đukanović campaign by Podgorica Mayor Slavoljub Stijepović and Cetinje Mayor Aleksandar Kašćelan, as well as Nikšić District President Veselin Grbović, with 100 euros less from the chief of Petnjica Samir Agović. President of Andrijevica District Srđan Mašović gave 200 and the chief of Pljevalj Mirko Đačić 150 euro.

The report indicated that along with Stijepović, Podgorica Deputy Mayor Časlav Vešović and Waterworks director and Podgorica DPS President Vladan Vučelić also donated 500 euro. 300 euro came from the head of the Security Service Andrija Čađenović, while director of the Montenegro Clinical Center Zorica Kovačević gave 500 euro, the same as Duško Perović. The same amount came from the Transportation Department Director Savo Parača and state secretary of the Sustainable Development and Tourism Ministry Damir Davidović.

Director of the Extraordinary Situations Directorate in the Interior Ministry Mirsad Mulić sent 330 euro, his colleague Danilo Ćupić 300, the same as state secretary and national NATO coordinator Dragan Pejanović, Personal Identification Directorate chief Milanka Baković and Ivana Vojinović, director of the Environment Directorate in the Sustainable Development and Tourism Ministry.

Media Directorate chief with the Culture Ministry Željko Rutović gave 200 euro, while board member of Luštica Development and Mamula Director Predrag Nenezić donated 1,000 euro. A hundred euro less came from EPCG board of directors president Đoko Krivokapić.

According to the Political Figures and Election Campaigns Financing Law, an individual can donate up to 2,000, and a company up to 10,000 euro. The ASK cited other candidates received 17,000 euro, of which 9,510 euro is for Marko Milačić, candidate of True Montenegro. Candidate Hazbija Kalač received 3,700 euro, Vasilije Miličković 3,000 form the family company M&V Company, while SDP candidate Draginja Vuksanović donated 1,000 euro.

DPS has so far spent 93,000 euro on the presidential campaign. Election participants were obliged to submit interim campaign costs by April 10 to the Anti-Corruption agency. Media presentations took up 35,090 euro, over 30,000 to Pink television and the rest for social media. Just under a thousand euro less was spent by DPS on promotional videos and t-shirts, flags and lighters.

As cited, Milačić spent over 35,000 euro, over half going for his media presentations. The Vuksanović campaign spent just over 24,700 euro, nearly half of it for promotional videos and material. They also cite a public opinion study, costing almost 6,340 euro.

Kalač spent 14,260 euro so far, nearly 10,000 of it of media presentations, while Dobrilo Dedeić spent under 13,000 euro, over 10,000 of it for professional fees. Miličković has spent 4,600 euro so far.

The donor list cites Srđan Dragomanović, helping Đukanović with 300 euro. The former manager of Kotor District was arraigned by the local attorney office on charges of compromising the safety of Mayor Vladimir Jokić. The charge refers to a Facebook comment calling for a lynching of Jokić.

Translated from Vijesti Online, for the original click here.

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