Đukanović: Stability and Multi-ethnic Harmony are Largest Values of Modern Montenegro

By , 07 Apr 2018, 19:30 PM Politics
Đukanović: Stability and Multi-ethnic Harmony are Largest Values of Modern Montenegro Source: DPS

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The presidential candidate of DPS stated that Montenegro has in history and today shown firm resolve to respect minority rights and build a civil society

Preservation and strengthening of multinational and multi-religious harmony, especially in years when the region experienced religious and ethnic conflict, are the largest values of modern Montenegro, said presidential candidate of the Socialist Democratic Party (DPS) Milo Đukanović in an interview for RTV Luna, during his visit to Plav and Gusinje, as Vijesti Online published on April 6, 2018.

“I believe this is even more valuable than what we did in restoring independence and what we did on economic and democratic development. More precisely, there would have been no independence or economic and democratic development had we not shown this ability previously, preserving peace and Montenegro as a multinational community. We should of course remind of the great contribution minorities have given to all these accomplishments of Montenegro in the modern political history. Montenegro truly remains a unique example, I would say beyond our region, a unique example in Europe, where minorities have such a responsible relation to the state, to their state home,” said Đukanović, pointing out that Montenegro has throughout history and today shown firm resolution to honor minority rights and build a civil society.

“In Montenegro there are no first and second class people, this is our common home and the culture we create here is actually a multi-culture, the culture of all people living in Montenegro. I believe this is our great capital, I do not feel it can be credited to me, but I am naturally quite proud to have been in such responsible positions in Montenegro during the time when all of us, Montenegro citizens, arrived at such values,” he noted.

Đukanović added that stability, preserved peace, preserved and fortified multi-ethnic harmony, fortified political stability, need to be advanced in the coming period.

Translated from Vijesti Online, for the original click here.

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