PM Satisfied: GDP Growth Rate Highest in Region

By , 24 Mar 2018, 11:37 AM Politics
PM Satisfied: GDP Growth Rate Highest in Region Screenshot

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Prime minister Dusko Markovic is pleased with a 4.4% GDP growth in 2017. He emphasised that it was the highest growth rate in the region and represented an excellent result of the Government’s economic policies.

He added that he expects the trend to continue in 2018.

As a reminder, at today’s press conference the Monstat statistics agency announced official data on economic growth in Montenegro for 2017, announcing that according to preliminary data it was 4.4%.

“This growth rate is twice as high as in the EU and the highest one among the EU countries. This growth rate deserves my attention from the aspect of the role of the state administration and its commitment and motivation. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to thank all the actors in Montenegro, especially the business entities and employers who worked with the Government to achieve this goal,” Markovic said.

According to him, the Government, the business community and administration have additional motive and make further efforts to continue this trend.

“In this way, they would encourage the development and living standard of citizens in Montenegro,” the PM said.

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