Maric: New Parliament Will Have Strong Influence on Executive Power

By , 13 Sep 2020, 23:20 PM Politics
Maric: New Parliament Will Have Strong Influence on Executive Power Boris Maric, Photo by Savo Prelević, Source: Vijesti

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September 13, 2020 - The parliament to be constituted after the elections on August 30 will be dynamic with a strong influence on the decision-making and the work of the executive power, believes the Director of the Center for Civil Liberties, Boris Marić.

He told MINA agency that the agreement, signed by the leaders of the three coalitions that won the majority of votes in the recent parliamentary elections, is a sign that Montenegro is maturing politically.

"The agreement is the result of a political compromise, which, on the one hand, tells us that Montenegrin society could be moving towards a greater degree of political rigour. On the other, we should be careful in concluding that every political compromise usually encounters various levels of resistance," Maric said.

According to him, it is necessary to wait to implement the agreement to see how the Montenegrin political system and institutions will function.

"In any case, we can expect a very dynamic parliament with a strong influence on decision-making and the character of decisions and work of the executive branch," Maric said.

He said that the new government could be expected to be formed relatively soon.

Of course, as he stated, it is not a simple process, and it will not be a surprise that the list holders encounter problems.

"But the public's expectation that a new government will be formed is dominant, and I believe that any attempt to interfere, with specific interests or obstruction, will be overcome," Maric said.

He pointed out that the new government's expectations are the strengthening of institutions, especially those involved in fighting corruption, a package of economic and social measures, full transparency of work and public finances, and a focus on inclusion in Montenegrin society.

Speaking about the relations between Serbia and Montenegro, Maric said that the relations between the authorities of those two countries followed the "warm-cold system."

"These move from the very best, as they defined them at one point, to a covert or even open conflict, primarily over the Law on Freedom of Religion and the identity policy derived from it," said Maric.

He believes that the aggravation of relations between Serbia and Montenegro has consequently spilled over into Montenegro's electoral process.

"We have indeed seen the influence of either the official Serbian position or the media from Serbia on the election result in Montenegro. It resulted in the homogenization of the pro-Serbian electorate, "Maric said.

He added that it remains to be seen whether this was a temporary strategy for the protection of Serbian interests in Montenegro or a long-term strategy based on identity policies for future processes.

Maric said that what lies ahead is a critical period for Montenegro. And that relations in the region must be built with full respect for sovereignty and building good neighborly relations.

"With the first announcements, the winners of the elections affirm democratic principles and guarantee full state sovereignty, which they will have to prove to part of the Montenegrin public," Maric believes.

Speaking about the possible participation of minority parties in the new government, Maric said that these parties have a place in the government because there they will be able to articulate their needs to the extent necessary.

He believes that no matter how the minority parties' representatives decide, that should be respected, and the door of the executive power should be left open.

Maric stated that the issue of regional relations has a special significance, and it will take a period of time for the new Montenegrin government to prove its commitment to good neighborly relations.

"Concerning the guidelines expressed by the signed platform and, of course, with their implementation, we can hope for good development of relations with neighbors," concluded Marić.


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