Government: Employees Who Prosecute Country Undermine Financial System

By , 10 Mar 2018, 13:44 PM Politics
Government: Employees Who Prosecute Country Undermine Financial System GOV.ME

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The government has accepted the Information on law court procedures handled by the Solicitor on ownership and legal interests and outflow of money from the 1st of October until the end of last year and pointed out the distressing relations the employees had towards the country and its financial stability. 

The document states that the Solicitor, in the reporting period, received 966 complaints against the country of Montenegro, preceded by compensations for over-time work, remaining holiday breaks, intermission during work, difference in earnings, and unused meal allowances as a principal form of the disputes.

“The value of disputes in 711 files is not specified, while in others the total value is more than six million euro," said the Government. 

The amount of 6,1 million euro was paid in the reporting period based on the executed court verdicts. 

In the discussion about the outflow of money from the budget based on the public administration employees’ lawsuits, the Government pointed out on the distressing relationships of the employees towards the country and its financial stability.

As a striking and very negative example is the case where a few judges from different levels requested a difference in earnings in relation to the amount of the salaries as professional assistance in the period they were interns, relying on the coefficients defined by collective agreement.

“It is stated that although the Law clearly defines that interns are persons who commence their jobs for the first time in order to be able to perform the job independently, and the circumstances that their Employer is the country of Montenegro, and not someone else, certain judges were prosecuted, and their colleagues have given them a significant amount of money, at the country’s budget expenditure," it was announced. 

The discussion stated that the information also points out the cases where specific state employees prosecuted the country for amounts of 10 euro, and that elaborated set-up with lawyers multiplies the amount on the budget’s expense. 

The prime minister Dusko Markovic has requested that they remove the label of confidentiality with an explanation that every citizen should have access to information about the relation of the specific state employees towards the country’s money from this material until next season.

The Government approved the conclusion for an urgent establishment of a workgroup for carrying out the Law on state’s interests’ protection as a normative solution which should prevent this to happen. 

“And the Ministry of Finance to form, by the State Auditor institution, uses special accounts of budget’s users so that the arbitrated amounts would be outlaid by responsible budget’s user and not on the state’s treasury outlay as it is now the case," concluded in the announcement.

Text by MINA, read more at Vijesti 

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