Elections Announced Following the Constitution or Not?

By , 23 Jun 2020, 23:14 PM Politics
Elections Announced Following the Constitution or Not? Illustration, Source: ifes.org
June 23, 2020 - The Civic Alliance (GA) today submitted an initiative to assess the constitutionality of the decision to call parliamentary elections to the Constitutional Court. Previously, the representatives of the Institute Alternativa and the Center for Civil Liberties also reacted, referring to Montenegro's Constitution, according to which, as they claim, there were no conditions for calling elections at the end of August.
Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic called parliamentary and local elections for August 30 on June 20.
In a joint statement, the Institute of Alternatives (IA) and the Center for Civil Liberties (CEGAS) said that Montenegro could have "two Assemblies" for 36 days, if the elections are held on August 30.
Independent MP Aleksandar Damjanović believes that by announcing the parliamentary elections on August 30, Đukanović "violated Article 84 of the Constitution, which clearly defines the duration of the mandate of the Parliament of Montenegro".
"Apart from the fact the President shortened the mandate of the Assembly by more than a month and a half, although it could be reduced only by the Assembly Decision, a kind of arrogance was demonstrated, which indicates the direction of the election match under the conditions dictated by the current government, "said Damjanović.
He added that in democratic, free countries, the Constitutional Court would be moved to act, and would rule as soon as possible, as he stated, that the President's decision had been unconstitutional and illegal.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that 541,232 citizens have the right to vote in the parliamentary elections.

Lalicic: The decision to call the elections follows the Constitution

The decision to call parliamentary elections made by Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic is absolutely in line with the Montenegrin Constitution, said Jovanka Lalicic, President of the Legislative Committee.
She explained that this is an obligation provided by Article 95, paragraph 4 of Montenegro's Constitution.
"I remind you that we are in an election year and that the previous parliamentary elections were held in 2016, and that these are regular parliamentary elections, so there is no need to shorten the mandate. President Djukanovic fulfilled his legal obligation; this is another irresponsible attitude on the part of the opposition towards issues important for our state and society, "Lalicic said.
She stated that the opposition resorted to a tried and tested recipe for obstructing dialogue, and started the election campaign with an alibi for an electoral defeat.
"In that context, we also experience these unfounded accusations about the alleged violation of the Constitution, and which come from election losers and certain NGOs, whose views, as a rule, always coincide with the opposition's," Lalicic concluded in a statement.
Source: CDM, Vijesti Online, Civic Alliance

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