URA Civic Movement Accepted into Greens of Europe Family

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URA Civic Movement Accepted into Greens of Europe Family European Greens, Source: Vimeo
June 13, 2020 - The civic movement of URA has been accepted into the Greens of Europe's family at the 31st European Green Party Online Council, which was held from 10-13 June 2020.
The admission of the Civic Movement URA into the membership of the Greens of Europe is a significant day for Montenegro, said the President of URA, Dritan Abazović.
"For the first time in independent Montenegro, one opposition party has become part of a large family of political parties, the Greens in Europe, the fourth-largest force in the European Parliament. Although we are truly honored to receive 94 percent support, it is not just a historic moment for us. We needed three-quarters of the votes to be elected. This is already a big moment because this is proof - for the first time, there is a seal - that the Montenegrin opposition is the European opposition, "said Abazovic.
He expressed hope that this would be an introduction to "the great changes our country deserves."
"Introduction to a Montenegro that will be a proud, dignified country under the rule of law. A country of happy people, who will live from their work, honest, without corruption and organized crime. A Montenegro, which will protect its citizens and natural resources, and that we will all rejoice, I hope, very soon, to see capital changes in our country that will mean a better life for all. Thank you all for your support. Thank you to the MEPs of the Greens and all our partners. Montenegro is not alone; we are leading it to new victories," said Abazovic.

European Green Party Committee Recommendation for URA Movement

The European Green Party (EGP) conducted a study visit to Montenegro in August 2019 and a fact-finding mission in early March 2020, as part of the Montenegrin political party URA (United Reform Action).
URA has officially applied for EGP membership in October 2019. The EGP has been in contact with URA since 2018. Their party leader attended the Council in Berlin (Germany) in November 2018. After their application, a delegation was invited to the following Council in Tampere (Finland) in November 2019.
In August 2019, the study visit included meetings with different structures of URA, activists from NGOs, and civil society, supporting citizens' movements and struggles with several cases of environmental destruction. The visit showed that URA is a well-established party, respected and in cooperation with civil society, and with the potential to grow.
In March 2020, the EGP delegation- Thomas Waitz (Co-Chair), Mar Garcia (Secretary-General), and Mélanie Vogel (Member of the Committee responsible for Montenegro) visited our country. This mission included meetings with the central leadership and Political and Advisory board of URA, their Youth and Women's Forum, several local councilors, and the local party board in Budva. Other meetings were organized with EU Ambassador Orav Aivo and German Ambassador Robert Weber, NGOs "Hoću Da Ostanem and Kor- Coalition for Sustainable Development, LGBT Forum Progress, Editor-in-Chief of Balkan Insight, and a Professor of International Environmental and Private Law at the State Law university.
URA is recognized and generally positively viewed, and cooperates with civil society, academia, and other stakeholders. They are acknowledged as a political party and advocate against national, ethnic, and religious divisions that define the political landscape in Montenegro, concluded EGP Committee Recommendation Letter, adopted today by 94 percent of European Green Family.
Source: Vijesti Online, europeangreens.eu

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