Ministry is Working to Create a Unique Model of the National Brand

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Ministry is Working to Create a Unique Model of the National Brand CDM

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The General Manager for the development of the national brand and protection of customers Jovan Rabrenovic said that for the past two years, the Ministry of Economics has worked on the process of national brand development, and while doing so, encountered different challenges which they successfully overcame. Therefore, they are now in the direction to create a unique model of the national brand according to the designed standards. 

As announced by the Ministry of Economics, Rabrenovic opened the fifth Conference on national branding in Kolasin which will last until March 8th, emphasizing that they are now in the final moment of creating the national brand.

“One of our most important activities is organizing this conference twice a year, with the idea to, through discussions, receive opinions from distinguished experts from various significant fields related to the national branding," said Rabrenovic. 

During the past four conferences, as he added, they have hosted many experts from Montenegro, the region and the European Union.

“In our job of creating the national brand of Montenegro, great partners and assistants were provided from the German foundation 'Hans Zaidel' which has supported us for the fifth time," he said. 

The director of the project from the “Hans Zeidel” office, the foundation for Serbia and Montenegro Lutz Kober, said that for each state, especially Montenegro, it is of great importance to, in a continually changing world, preserve its identity and find its position to the neighboring countries. 

“In the past years, you made key steps towards the development of the genuine identity of the national brand which made Montenegro visible and recognizable concerning already established neighbors.  We are aware that the development and setting up the national brand is a long process accomplished through constant effort. This process demands making important decisions, such as the selection of target groups and defining necessary instruments for the same," said Kober, who was given an acclamation for contributing to the process of the Montenegro national brand development. 

As announced from the Ministry of Economics, during the three days of the conference, there will be four panel discussions organized, i.e. Mass, Elite and Eco-cultural tourism, individual athletes or representation as an ambassador of the country branding, consumers’ ethnos views and branding of the country, and the traditional or modern values for positioning the country.  

Well-known university professors, distinguished Montenegrin athletes, Ministry representatives from Montenegro and the region will take part in these discussions, as well as directors of chief Montenegrin and regional institutions.

The conference on national branding is organized by the Ministry of Economics and financed by the German foundation “Hans Zaidel”. 

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