Draginja Vuksanovic – SDP Candidate for President of Montenegro

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Draginja Vuksanovic – SDP Candidate for President of Montenegro CDM

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The main board of the Social-democratic party unanimously decided to nominate Draginja Vuksanovic for president of Montenegro. After she accepted the candidacy, Vuksanovic stated that the goal of the party she represents is to bring back Montenegro to its citizens. 

“Civil Montenegro has promised to have its representative. I want Montenegro to be home for all the citizens. We all dream today of a strong and free Montenegro. We will be persistent in the battle for such a free Montenegro, where justice and law are respected. A country which belongs to all its citizens equally," said Vuksanovic.

She stressed that “it is our task to bring back the country to its citizens” and thinks that these are elections for the freedom of all people in Montenegro. 

 “I commit not to be above the citizens and their needs. After the changes, Montenegro will belong to all its citizens. Together, let's present to the citizens a Montenegro which belongs to everybody. With trustworthiness and struggle, we are creating a better Montenegro led by people with clean hands and pure hearts," expressed Vuksanovic.

The leader of SDP Ranko Krivokapic said that they had invested a lot of effort to unite the progressive power of Montenegro. He reminded us that SDP published a manifest where it was stated that Montenegro is an imprisoned country, and the European Union confirmed this.

He emphasized that Draginja Vuksanovic entered Montenegrin parliament with a passion for truth.

“She proved herself in our home, and now can go into the world. We will get her to be the first woman president of Montenegro. Krivokapic is convinced. 

The presidential election in Montenegro will be held on the 15th of April.

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