Milačić a Candidate for President of Montenegro

By , 06 Mar 2018, 12:41 PM Politics
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According to the Law, eight thousand citizens’ signatures are needed for the presidential candidacy.

The president of Real Montenegro Marko Milačić will be their candidate for the elections of the president of Montenegro.

Political party Real Montenegro held its founding congress on March 4th in the old Government building.

“The biggest reason for my candidacy is my family. For decades this ruling party has done everything to destroy the family as the true pillar of society”, Milacic said.

He stated that the Real party would create a Montenegro made out of work, knowledge and spirituality. 

“It is my honor to represent new people, unexpended politicians and be their candidate for the president of Montenegro."

He communicated to the citizens that there has been enough “waiting, eternal politicians, professional opposition, professional Serbs and Montenegrins, unexpended politicians, regime but also an exclusive opposition on one side and impersonal one on the other.”

The presidential elections in Montenegro will be held on April 15th, and candidacies are to be applied no later than March 26th.

President of the Party for justice and conciliation in Montenegro (SPP), Hazbija Kalac and the independent candidate Vasilije Milickovic have submitted their candidacies to the State election committee (DIK) for the president of Montenegro. 

Candidacies were announced by the president of United Montenegro Goran Danilovic, and independent candidates Dragan Hajdukovic and Djordjije Blazic.

SDP will convene an assembly with their Chief committee members on Monday when they will decide who is their candidate for the president of Montenegro.

According to the Law, to be able to run for the president of Montenegro, it is necessary to collect eight thousand citizens’ signatures.

Text by Vijest Online, read more at Vijesti

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