Magazine on EU Integration of Montenegro Eurokaz No.4 Published July 2019

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Magazine on EU Integration of Montenegro Eurokaz No.4 Published July 2019 Copyrights: Eurokaz No.4, Ministry of European Affairs

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31 July 2019 - The Secretary-General of the Government of Montenegro has published the fourth issue of Eurokaz - Magazine on EU integration of Montenegro in July 2019.

The latest issue of Eurokaz emphasizes the importance of Montenegro's accession to the European Union, and the authors of the articles and their interlocutors talk about Montenegro’s accomplishments during the seven years of the negotiation process, the importance of proclaiming Salina in Ulcinj a nature park, Montenegrin prosciutto as a quality Montenegrin product that deserves European attention, regional cooperation, as well as many other topics of importance for the EU accession process.

Within a number of columns, Eurokaz presents the current status of the negotiation process, the results of the reforms that Montenegro is implementing in the accession process, successful examples of the use of EU funds, as well as evaluations by the partners from the civil sector.

“EU membership will present numerous opportunities before our citizens and our country as a whole. We need to be prepared in time and be informed in the right way. For this reason, the Ministry of European Affairs started the Eurokaz, which is the result of our desire to present to the citizens of Montenegro, to our friends and partners the activities and mission of this sector of the Government and to familiarize the citizens with the EU accession process and to keep them informed of the development along that path,” said Aleksandar Andrija Pejović, Minister of European Affairs.

Interviewees of Eurokaz from Montenegrin institutions and organizations, as well as representatives of EU Member States, speak on current topics in the negotiation process and on the current issues in the field of EU functioning.

The magazine is published every six months and is available on the websites of the Office for European Integration and

The authors of Eurokaz include representatives of the Government of Montenegro, journalists of Montenegrin print and electronic media and representatives of the civil sector.

“Every six months, Eurokaz will testify to the dedication and decisiveness of the society to take Montenegro to the group of the most developed countries of the European continent, point out to the remaining but also to the fulfilled tasks and commitments from all negotiation fields,” highlighted  Mr. Pejović.

The fourth issue of Eurokaz can be downloaded here, while you can review and download earlier issues here.

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