NATO Commander for Transformation Andrea Lanat in Montenegro

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NATO Commander for Transformation Andrea Lanat in Montenegro Copyrights: President of Montenegro Media

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22 July 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović received the NATO Commander for Transformation Andrea Lanat, who is visiting Montenegro.

President Đukanović expressed satisfaction with the visit of Commander Lanata at a time when Montenegro is proudly marking the two-year membership in the Alliance. During that period, as well as during the accession process, Montenegro recognized numerous chances that membership in the club offers, understanding the responsibility of membership, and accepting that it is the only reliable prospect for stability in Southeast Europe.

"In Montenegro, you have a reliable partner and a responsible member promoting the European and Euro-Atlantic value system in this part of the continent," Đukanović said in an announcement by the Cabinet of the President of Montenegro.

He expressed satisfaction with the completion of Montenegro's integration process in NATO and thanked the Alliance's support for the implementation of activities for the accession and integration of the national system in NATO over the past two years. Montenegro remains actively committed to NATO's priorities and directions, including open door policy and support for the integration of Northern Macedonia, and presence in Alliance missions.

The commander of NATO's Allied Command emphasized that he was honored at the occasion of his visit to Montenegro in such an important moment, which is the completion of Montenegro's integration into NATO. He congratulated the Montenegrin Team and the President personally on everything that was done in the integration process and invested efforts, stressing that the success of the process is not merely the defense sector of all institutions.

"I am impressed with everything that has been done in the past two years, it was a collective effort, comprehensive and efficient. With your integration process, you gave an example to others in the region," Lanata said, with gratitude to Montenegro for the support it provides to Northern Macedonia on its full integration path.

Lanata stressed that Montenegro will continue to have strong support from the Allied Command that will continue to work closely with Montenegro in further aspects of adaptation and transformation.

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