President of Montenegro Hosted Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia

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President of Montenegro Hosted Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia Copyrights: President of Montenegro Media

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20 July 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović received the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia Mitja Močnik on a farewell visit, and on that occasion gave him a medal for merit on behalf of the state of Montenegro.

The President of Montenegro emphasized that the high state recognition is a result of the exceptional interstate cooperation and support and understanding of Slovenia, which as such dates back to the Yugoslav times, and is particularly intensified in the period after the restoration of independence.

"Emphasizing that interstate connections are always made by people, the ambassador of Slovenia was awarded medal as a mark of respect for personal professional and friendly contribution to the improvement of relations and a full understanding of Montenegro's need to build its European future," said Đukanović in the announcement of the Office of the President of Montenegro.

"Thanks to that, the voice of Montenegro has also been heard from friends like you, the representative of an EU member state, who has a special sensitivity to Montenegro's aspirations, when we are moving forward towards the EU, believing in the perspective of the European perspective," said President of Montenegro.

Đukanović also pointed to an appropriate relationship of trust between Montenegro and Slovenia with high marks for the quality of bilateral cooperation, especially in the field of economy, and its value in terms of adopting new knowledge and standards. Special gratitude to Slovenia for the development aid that continuously provides to Montenegro.

Ambassador Močnik, with gratitude for his recognition, emphasized that he is honored to have served his country in Montenegro and contributed to the improvement of interstate cooperation.

"Medal for merits is also a recognition for my predecessors and the state officials of Slovenia in continuity," Močnik said.

With the assessment that Montenegro deserves the affection of the future structure of the EC, the ambassador of Slovenia said that the country will continue to give full contribution to the integration of Montenegro into the EU.

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