Kotor Crisis: Jokic Submitted Criminal Complaint Against New Majority Act

By , 30 Jun 2019, 23:36 PM Politics
Kotor Crisis: Jokic Submitted Criminal Complaint Against New Majority Act Kotor Mayor, Vladimir Jokić, Copyright: Municipality of Kotor
June 30, 2019 - Kotor Mayor, Vladimir Jokić, filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor's Office in that town after the new assembly's majority cleared the official entrance to Kotor's Assembly Hall in the Byzantine palace in the Old Town.
As the reason for applying a criminal complaint, Jokić cites the protection of the constitutional and legal order of the Montenegrin state, the protection of the law and the legitimate interests of the local population, as well as the prevention of further criminal offenses.
Kotor Municipal Assembly premises entered the elected members of the commission, formed on Friday, 28 June, after the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Željko Avramović was chosen to perform President of the Municipal Assembly, convened by the new assembly majority in the hotel Vardar.
Recall, President of the Assembly of Kotor Dragica Perovic convened the local government session on 10 July.
DPS chairman Željko Avramavić, who was elected in hotel Vardar to perform the President of the Kotor Municipal Assembly until an election of its President, told Radio Kotor that on Friday, at 5.30 pm, a multiparty committee waived the entrance of the local parliament to the Byzantine palace.
The commission was composed of DPS officials and Bruna Lončarević, who SDP withdrew from the party for causing a power crisis in Kotor.
"Despite my attempts to get in touch with the President of the municipality, Jokic, I did not succeed, and neither Mrs. Perovic did answer the phone all day. After that, I decided to form a commission to clear the office. In this way conditions have been created for the assembly to function generally on Monday," Avramovic said on Friday.
President of the municipality Vladimir Jokić told Radio Kotor that "an attack on the state-legal system and the Montenegrin Constitution occurred on that day in Kotor."
Mayor Vladimir Jokić (Democrats of Montenegro) announced that he would file a complaint with the State Prosecutor's Office in Kotor against the decision-maker and the perpetrator of "this violence."
"A group of people who were not the first to tear down the premises and remove the seals, made that bastard tonight. I'll file the criminal complaint against them tomorrow. It is the unseen bastard and violence by which the DPS and Bruna Lončarević are trying to take power," Mayor Jokic said on Friday.
He pointed out that it was particularly tragic that the directors of public institutions - Neđeljko Moškov (director of the Public Institution Resource Center for the Hearing Diseases) and Srđan Dragomanović, director of the Nursing Home, who was convicted for a call on the Jokić line, participated in it.

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