Montenegro and Kosovo: Projects in Economy, Infrastructure and Culture

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Montenegro and Kosovo: Projects in Economy, Infrastructure and Culture Copyrights: President of Montenegro Office Media

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29 June 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović recently received Skender Durmishi, Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to Montenegro in his farewell visit.

President of Montenegro thanked Ambassador Durmishi for excellent cooperation during his diplomatic mandate and contribution to the improvement of relations between the two countries.

"The coming into force of the agreement on borders, the opening of the Montenegrin Development Center in Kosovo, and the appointment of an honorary consul, are the processes that have strengthened confidence and improved cooperation," said Đukanović.

The Office of the President of Montenegro reported that Đukanović also added that Montenegro closely monitors the events in Kosovo, with the positions of friendly relations of the neighbors, but also with the desire that the problems that exist in the region get as soon as possible the epilogue in the interest of all. In this regard, the President expressed support for the renewal of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina as soon as possible, in order to show responsibility to the region and its European perspective. Đukanović stressed that Montenegro is trying to be a constructive partner, aware of delicacy and its relevance to the stability of the region as a whole.

"With the same understanding, Montenegro will continue to support the stability and prosperity of Kosovo and its further European integration," said Đukanović.

The President also conveyed to Ambassador Durmishi the gratitude of Montenegro for the attention of Kosovo towards the Montenegrin national community and the progress in creating the conditions for its gathering and constructive action.

Ambassador Durmishi thanked President Đukanović for his reception, stressing that he was privileged and honored to be the first Ambassador of Kosovo to Montenegro, where, he said, he encountered an exceptional reception and cooperation of Montenegrin institutions. Durmishi stressed that he was looking forward to the successes of Montenegro and that he has high remarks for Montenegro’s contribution to regional progress.

The interlocutors agreed that so far results in cooperation are a good basis for further deepening of relations primarily in the field of economy, infrastructure, and culture.

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