Montenegro at North Atlantic Council Ministerial Meeting in Brussels

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Montenegro at North Atlantic Council Ministerial Meeting in Brussels Copyrights: North Atlantic Council Meeting, Brussels 2019

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27 June 2019 - Minister of Defence of Montenegro Predrag Bošković participated in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of Defence Ministers in Brussels. 

The meeting discussed the guidelines for further work in order to ensure the smooth implementation of Alliance policies. 

The ministers analyzed the modern security environment in order to develop the ability to provide an adequate and timely response to all potential challenges, in line with NATO's aspirations for constant adaptation to current developments on a global scale. A special focus was on innovations in the field of technological development, especially in the field of military technology, that is, the development of modern equipment and weapons. 

As Ministry of Defence of Montenegro reported, the meeting of NATO defence ministers is being held in the key period for the future of the Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles Agreement, which is an important element of arms control, and therefore the overall European security. Participants of the meeting stressed that NATO will pay special attention to strengthening the defence activities and deterring all potential threats. 

It is certain that the nature of security challenges is constantly changing, and that it requires a comprehensive and binding response from all international actors. Once again, the importance of coordinating the actions of NATO and the European Union, which remains an important partner of the Alliance, is emphasised. The ministers reminded that the fulfillment of the tasks envisaged and the future forms of cooperation will continue in the coming months. 

Minister Bošković emphasised the importance of the efforts that the Allies are making to adjust to modern security flows. He stressed the importance of unity within NATO in responding to threats that can come from all strategic directions, and the commitment of the Alliance to protect citizens and its entire territory. Minister Bošković said that Montenegro, as a reliable and credible ally, is responsibly approaching the fulfillment of NATO policies, and that as a reliable ally, Montenegro will continue to implement the guidelines adopted by the Alliance.

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