Prime Minister Marković: Independence of Montenegro is Eternal

By , 26 Jun 2019, 20:09 PM Politics
Prime Minister Marković: Independence of Montenegro is Eternal Copyrights: Government of Montenegro

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26 June 2019 - Montenegrin independence is eternal and so is Montenegro. That’s what Prime Minister Duško Marković said to Milan Knežević during the Prime Minister’s hour, reports CDM. Marković said it in response to Knežević’s statement that Montenegrin independence was regained by bribery. The first man of Montenegrin Government was loud and clear – Democratic Front is allowed to mourn the lost referendum, but they should forget once and for all about bringing Montenegro back into somebody else’s auspices.

Milan Kneževič asked PM to comment on the direct impact of foreign elements on the outcome of the referendum held in 2006, which have been confirmed by the released transcript of the conversation between Milan Roćen and Oleg Deripaska in 2005.

Knežević claims that this conversation is proof that independence was obtained by bribery.

“The Government provided secret guarantee and Kosovo provided free electricity”, said Knežević and added that monument to Oleg Deripaska should be set up in every Montenegrin town.

Marković said that Knežević’s politics was trapped in the ideas of the last century and reminded him of the historical facts and all the way Montenegro had gone through until regaining its independence. He says there are no elements that would change the overall picture of the referendum in 2006, when citizens made a wise choice.

“We’ve gone so far and we can’t let anybody threaten our country now. That’s why we aren’t buying the invalid provocations”, said PM. He told Knežević that his undermining of Montenegrin independence wouldn’t be tolerated anymore.

Marković also commented on the Law on Freedom of Religion and said he hoped the law would have been at desks of the MPs by the end of July.

“People who haven’t even read the law have been discussing it for weeks. The highest Serbian officials, including the president – nobody has read it. This law has been drafted in accordance with the highest standards of the Council of Europe. It’s a contemporary law and establishes right to the religious organization but within this country and its laws, not within some other country”, said PM.

He added that the Venice Commission confirmed the quality of the law and suggested the amendments where necessary.

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