Honorary Consulate of Montenegro Opened in Trieste, Italy

By , 18 Jun 2019, 00:25 AM Politics
Honorary Consulate of Montenegro Opened in Trieste, Italy Copyrights: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro

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17 June 2019 - Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović opened the Consulate of Montenegro in Trieste, Italy, headed by Honorary Consul Sven Bichler.

On that occasion, Minister Darmanović pointed out that the opening of the Consulate in Trieste, in the year when Montenegro and Italy celebrate 140 years of diplomatic relations, represents an important step towards the expansion of the diplomatic network and confirmation of the commitment to continuously develop cooperation between the counties. According to the report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, he also expressed confidence that the activities of Honorary Consul Bichler will contribute to the further strengthening of bilateral ties and the promotion of economic, tourist, scientific and cultural potentials of Montenegro. 

Minister Darmanović reminded that Montenegro and Italy have very good political relations and high-quality cooperation, especially in the domain of economy, tourism and energy, which is confirmed by the growing presence of the Italian economy on the Montenegrin market. "Our diplomacy significantly contributes to the diversification of the Montenegrin economy and high growth rates through dedicated and comprehensive work on connecting business communities and attracting foreign direct investments," Minister Darmanović concluded. 

Honorary Consul Bichler emphasised that cooperation between the two countries can be further improved, and that it is necessary to inform the Italian public in a timely and targeted manner about the characteristics of Montenegrin society and market. He presented plans to organise a presentation on Montenegro in Trieste, stressing that there is room for deepening of connections, especially in the wood, food and textile industry. 

Prefect of Trieste Valerio Valenti, Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza and CEI Secretary-General Roberto Antonione also attended the ceremony.

The recent meeting that took place in Trieste between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Member States of the Central European Initiative adopted the Trieste Declaration, which confirmed that Montenegro will take over the presidency of the Initiative from 1 January 2020

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