ODUPRISE: If Medenica Re-elected Head of Supreme Court, Constitution Violated

By , 04 Jun 2019, 17:51 PM Politics
ODUPRISE: If Medenica Re-elected Head of Supreme Court, Constitution Violated From one of the ODUPRISE protests in the campaign started the beginning of February, Copyright: www.oduprise.me
June 4, 2019 - The ODUPRISE Movement joins the part of the expert public who has the freedom to vote against the apparent punishment of the Montenegrin Constitution in the event of the third consecutive election of Vesna Medenica for the presidency of the Supreme Court, said the organization of the ODUPRISE movement to the Montenegrin public today.
"This case deserves our attention and reaction, first of all, because such a gross abuse comes from those most likely to protect the rule of law.
The Montenegrin Constitution stipulates that "the same person may be elected for president of the Supreme Court twice" and there is no such creativity in interpretation that can justify the intention of Judicial Council members to elect their boss for the third time. Retroactivity is just a cheap excuse, and the essence is in the replenishment of professional integrity," said the ODUPRISE movement.
"We, Montenegrin citizens, have the right to a trial before an independent, impartial and legally established court, which implies that the election of a judge is by the law, and above all, the election of the President of the Supreme Court. The court cannot be independent and independent if judges are elected unconstitutionally. Citizens cannot expect equality before the law if the election of the President of the Supreme Court is opposed to such a clear imperative norm."
Citizens assembled in the HOPE Movement are quoting the "Advocates of the Judicial Council as saying this will not happen to them."
"We will not allow the head of the judiciary to led by the same person who has twice been elected as President of the Supreme Court and who has been serving for 12 years now. Let us break this violation of the Constitution in the direction of those most likely to protect it because the Constitution was not written for looking for legal holes.
Within the legal order, we will begin proceedings that will legitimize us to bring this case in front of the Strasbourg court. We believe that such a situation so far was not recorded in its rich practice.
That is why we invite all professional associations and individuals, primarily the lawyers' association and the Montenegrin Chamber of Advocates to publicly distance themselves from the prepared strike on the rule of law under the direction of the Montenegrin Judicial Council," concludes the ODUPRISE movement.

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