Head of European Union Delegation in Montenegro

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Head of European Union Delegation in Montenegro Copyrights: President of Montenegro Media

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30 May 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović received the head of the European Union delegation in Podgorica, Aivo Orav, who handed to him the European Commission Annual Progress Report on Montenegro in the negotiation process.

President Đukanović expressed his satisfaction with the occasion of the meeting, stating that after the delivery of the Report, he will be able to find out more about its contents in more detail. He stressed that, as before, we would be very responsible in accordance with the assessments and recommendations of the Report, starting from the fact that the Report is the view of the partner on the situation in our house and the view of those in whose community we want to enter.

"We will very seriously study the recommendations, in order to further improve the pace and quality of the negotiation process," Đukanović said.

The President expressed satisfaction with the confirmation that Montenegro is in a state capable of facing and overcoming the challenges, especially, as he said, in relation to two key Balkan challenges: internal security and political stability and economic development.

"With the impression that we are on the right track, aware of the remaining work, we will intensify our efforts to continue the process optimally in cooperation with the European Union Office in Podgorica. We believe that we can do more than before and we will do it," Đukanović said.

Ambassador Orav expressed high marks for the achievements of Montenegro in the field of foreign policy and regional cooperation. He also pointed to the assessments in the Report that some areas require more visible progress, and that a new Report for Montenegro is being written from now on.

The interlocutors agreed that for the future of the Region, one of the most important issues is defining the European Unionropean perspective of Albania and North Macedonia, and that the decision of European Union member states to start the negotiations would be its strong confirmation, and of great importance for the entire region.

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