Montenegro and North Macedonia: Motorway and Air Traffic Infrastructure

By , 26 May 2019, 00:44 AM Politics
Montenegro and North Macedonia: Motorway and Air Traffic Infrastructure Copyrights: Government of Montenegro

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25 May 2019 -  On May 24, 2019, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro Osman Nurković held an official meeting with Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of North Macedonia Goran Sugareski. This meeting was held within the framework of the two-day working visit of the Prime Minister and members of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The meeting noted that Montenegro and the Republic of North Macedonia do not have open issues and cooperate well in the field of transport. This meeting was an opportunity to discuss regional projects that are of crucial importance for the high-quality connectivity of Southeast Europe. Minister Nurković emphasised that the needs of both the citizens and the economies of the countries in the region need to be recognised. Accordingly, policies and projects that lead to a common goal – safe, secure and comfortable transportation of passengers and cargo – need to be implemented.

Both countries are implementing very valuable capital projects in the construction of modern transport infrastructure. The focus of the meeting was on the implementation of motorway construction projects in Montenegro and the Republic of North Macedonia, but it also discussed the air traffic and North Macedonia's experience with regard to national airports and models of investing and managing these important resources.

Furthermore, the two ministers discussed the state of the rail system, both at national and regional level, as well as the varying degree of railroad rehabilitation in the countries in the region, concluding that there is room for a stronger approach to the international community when it comes to funding projects for the modernization of railway infrastructure. The EU and its institutions support the development of this type of transport, primarily in the context of the so-called "green transport", which affects the quality of the environment to a lesser extent, and is cheaper and more secure than other types of transport.

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