ODUPRISE Seeking Independence of Envelope: New Protest Today

By , 21 May 2019, 10:08 AM Politics
ODUPRISE Seeking Independence of Envelope: New Protest Today 11th ODUPRISE protest gathering marking the Independence Day of Montenegro, 21 May

May 21, 2019 - The citizens' movement ODUPRISE, as announced earlier by its leaders, will organize a new protest on Tuesday, 21 May in Podgorica, marking the Independence Day of Montenegro.

One of the leaders of the movement, Džemal Perovic, said the protest was called "For the Independence of the Envelope" and is expected to support all free citizens who want an independent state, free from the clash of organized crime and corruption.

"We expect that side by side with the citizens are all signers of the Agreement on the future, who, with their political and moral credibility, have guaranteed that they will strive for the realization of the principles and goals of the agreement signed with the free citizens of this country," Perovic said. "Citizens will look for their faces in the masses, seeking to see who remains loyal to the Agreement."

"Political differences between opposing subjects are normal and understandable, but this is the time when it must be clear who will break this corrupt regime," Perovic said.

The movement ODUPRISE said they will not give up on the struggle for a free Montenegro with all those "who recognize the importance of active participation in change."

Today's gathering is the 11th protest organized by the ODUPRISE movement. The protest campaign started after a video was published proving the DPS campaign for the parliamentary elections in October 2016 was financed illegally. 

The protest will take place in front of the Montenegrin Assembly building starting at 8 pm.

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