Abazovic Discussed Montenegrin Political Crisis with Weiss and Sarrazin

By , 13 May 2019, 23:08 PM Politics
Abazovic Discussed Montenegrin Political Crisis with Weiss and Sarrazin Dritan Abazovic met in Berlin with Martin Weiss, a member of the Board of Directors of the Southeast European Society of the Federal Republic of Germany, Copyrigth: URA

May 13, 2019 - Dritan Abazovic, the Civilian Movement URA leader, met in Berlin with Martin Weiss, a member of the Board of Directors of the Southeast European Society of the Federal Republic of Germany, one of the leading organizations for the analysis of Balkan policies, today announced URA.

During the meeting with Weiss, Abazovic thanked them for the permanent support that Germany provides to Montenegro, considering strengthening the friendship between the two countries as particularly important, but also warned of the latest political and legal crises in our country, URA states.
"After the biggest electoral affair in the history of modern Montenegro, marked by the name of "Envelope," mass protests began, the largest since gaining independence. Despite all the necessary evidence and video material that became viral, state institutions have once again proved that they are in the clutches of organized crime, which coordinates the very top of the wave," said Abazovic during the meeting.
Abazovic told Weiss that in the meantime, the first instance verdict was issued in Podgorica in the case of the "Coup," and, as he pointed out, the resolution of the political crisis has become even more complex and unpredictable.
"Since 2016, the entire opposition has been in the boycott, after which part has returned to parliament and if the authorities meet no condition. Now the two leaders of those subjects, who broke up the boycott, were sentenced to prison terms. It means that half of the opposition is in the boycott, and the other half is potentially (if the verdict is confirmed) in prison. The state prosecutor's office was involved in one case and ignored the high level of corruption. The president of the state does not know how much money he has on the cards. The National Television (RTCG) has become worse than in the time of Slobodan Milosevic while vast quantities of narcotics are seized on board the Army of Montenegro's ship. When to add all mentioned then everything indicates that we are in the institutional twilight," said Abazovic at a meeting with Weiss.
He said that the solution lays in the acceptance of citizens' demands from the "Agreement for the future," a more precise determination of pro-European forces and the creation of preconditions for the normalization of political circumstances that will lead to the preparation of the first fair elections in the history of Montenegro.
"Without it, Montenegro will continue to engage in a dictatorship, which is contrary to the interests of citizens, but also our international partners, especially the EU. Sooner or later it will become apparent to everyone. No one has the goal of having a private-owned state in the heart of Europe. It would undoubtedly open up the space for the interests of other centers of power that have anti-democratic plans for the region. Therefore, we must adopt standards differently and raise the level of political culture," concluded Abazovic.
He met in Berlin and with the deputy of the European Greens to Bundestag, Manuel Sarrazin. Speaking on the political and legal crisis in Montenegro, Abazovic warned that Montenegro is the only country in Europe in which power has never been removed. "We have to find the strength to do so, in Montenegro, there are potentials for a strong European alternative," Abazovic said Sarrazin.
One of the topics discussed with the Greens was the issues from the field of nature and environmental protection, and Sarrazin was particularly interested in the subject of the protection of Solana Ulcinj.
"For the example of Solana, whose protection and reconstruction is strongly supported by the Green Party group in the Bundestag, the scheme is explained for many other similar ventures of organized crime. We must break the concept of a private-owned state and captured institutions, we have the potential to become a successful European story, and it is, therefore, necessary to insist on alternatives. Political change is the only way to make the system democratic and just. We must never give up on that," said Abazovic during a meeting with Sarrazin.
They also pointed out that Abazovic and Sarrazin expressed readiness for URA and Greens of Germany to improve cooperation and intensify communication in the future. Greens' parliamentary group announced soon to visit Montenegro, they said from the URA.

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