Montenegro and Albania: Development of Bilateral Relations

By , 09 May 2019, 16:35 PM Politics
Montenegro and Albania: Development of Bilateral Relations Copyrights: President of Montenegro Media

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09 May 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović met with President of Albania Ilir Meta in Tirana on the eve of the meeting between leaders of the Brdo - Brioni process.

President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović expressed satisfaction with the continuity of the high-level meetings, which enabled the further development of bilateral relations between two friendly neighboring countries.

"Montenegro and the Republic of Albania do not have open bilateral issues, and such dynamic bilateral cooperation can be used for further improvement of relations, as well as for joint support and encouragement to the reform processes in the Region, and its stability," said President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović.

Albanian President Ilir Meta, with the pleasure of strengthening friendly relations, especially highlighted the attitude of Montenegrin authorities towards the Albanian minority in Montenegro, as well as the joint commitment to resolving regional issues, which are a prerequisite for overall stability and further integration in the EU. Albania, together with the international community, counts on the constructive role of Montenegro and President Đukanović personally in resolving open issues and the process of further integration of the region.

The High officials emphasized the importance of the greater commitment and presence of the EU in the Western Balkans, which is crucial for the European perspective of all Western Balkans countries. In this context, they stressed the importance of the recent meeting in Berlin, assessing the positive agreement on the future meeting in Paris, which could result in progress in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, to the common good of the entire region.

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