President of Montenegro: Reforms to be Implemented Uncompromisingly

By , 01 May 2019, 04:49 AM Politics
President of Montenegro: Reforms to be Implemented Uncompromisingly Copyrights: President of Montenegro Media

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30 April 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović stressed the importance of uncompromisingly meeting standards and implementing reforms for EU membership because only then all future members would feel more comfortable at the meeting with the leaders of Western Balkans countries, France and Germany in Berlin.

Đukanović added that he also pointed to the fact that the EU must remove some disagreement in its attitudes.

"The meeting itself was valuable because it marked the phase in which two key countries, Germany and France, would give a more significant mark to the further integration of Western Balkan countries. It was a chance for all of us who participated in noting the importance of this process from the perspectives of our states," Đukanović said.

Đukanović says he also insisted that the EU should have a clear action plan to address some key deficits, which, when removed, will create conditions for full integration.

"I primarily mean the infrastructure deficit. It is important to help people from the Western Balkans to see the European perspective more clearly. The same is with companies from our countries, but also investors to invest their capital and help us hire more people. Also to help us provide enough jobs, high enough growth rates, and to help us eliminate the deficit in the quality of knowledge," said Đukanović, adding that it would be worthwhile, in cooperation with the most developed European countries, to secure the opening of new schools and to make our people and new generations competitive on the European market.

President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović recently hosted Christian-Democratic Union Member of Bundestag Christian Schmidt. By this opportunity Đukanović reminded of the importance of continuation of the European path for the stability of the region, insisting on further intensifying mutual co-operation, determination to accelerate reform and joint commitment to resolving open issues at the WB. In this context, he welcomed the upcoming meeting in Berlin at the initiative of German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron, because, he said, this region is part of the European house and European responsibility.

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