Protest in Kotor to Support Mayor Jokić: "Who is Handing Over Kotor?"

By , 14 Apr 2019, 10:03 AM Politics
Protest in Kotor to Support Mayor Jokić: "Who is Handing Over Kotor?" Protest "Who is handing over Kotor?", Sunday, 14 April, 11.55 am, Arms Square, Kotor

April 14, 2019 - Protest of support for President of Kotor Municipality Vladimir Jokić will be held on Sunday at 11.55 am at the Arms Square in the Old town of Kotor. A protest call titled "Who is handing over Kotor?" on the social network Facebook sent a group of citizens called Kontrafor. 

The session of the Kotor Parliament, which will vote on the initiative to remove Jokić from that function will be held on 24 April.
A member of the local coalition of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the Opposition Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Social Democrats (SD) and the Croatian Civic Initiative (HGI) submitted a proposal for the dismissal of Jokić on 25 March due to "failure to implement the strategic development plan of town development, making harmful decisions ".
The protest announcement, published on the Facebook, states that they are demanding respect for the will of the citizens of Kotor, "to decide on fair and free elections for the election of our representatives."
"We demand that we stop the over-representation of the authorities against the expressed citizens' will in the elections. We call for the withdrawal of the initiative leading Kotor's deliveries until the conditions are created that citizens in their free and fair elections express their political will whatever it is. Citizens of Kotor, let's wake up, 5 to 12 is," says the protest call.
In the initiative to remove Jokić, signed by 18 members of the Kotor Assembly, it is alleged that the President of the Municipality illegally made decisions on behalf of the Municipal Assembly, which if they are not annulled, can cause long-term adverse consequences for the lives of citizens and their property in the Kotor Bay waterfront. Initiatives have a majority in the local parliament with 33 members.
The formal motive for SDP's initiative was Jokić's approval as mayor of the concessions for Port of Kotor.
"The set is symbolic, scheduled for five to 12, to point out that the situation in Kotor is bordered when it comes to respecting the electoral will of citizens", explained Milica Ilic. She added that the protest aimed to withdraw the Jokić dismissal.
Although Kotor's URA opened the trust story to Jokić first, their functionary Ljiljana Popovic Moškov announced that they would not support replacing the mayor.
The DF and the SNP have not yet commented on the Jokić removal initiative.

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