Montenegro and Germany: Western Balkans Important for EU

By , 18 Mar 2019, 22:58 PM Politics
Montenegro and Germany: Western Balkans Important for EU Copyrights: President of Montenegro Media

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17 March 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović is welcomed in Berlin with the highest military and state honors, where he arrived at the invitation of President of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier. After the official ceremony, the two presidents discussed the relations between Montenegro and Germany, the European future of Montenegro and the Western Balkans.

President Steinmeier expressed his great satisfaction with the opportunity to host President Đukanović, with the assessment that the relations between Germany and Montenegro are very close and that the two countries have the potential for even stronger cooperation, primarily in the economic sphere. Steinmeier recalled the support of Germany's Montenegro during NATO accession, saying that Montenegro is a valuable partner in the Alliance.

"Our next task is integration into the EU," said the German President and stressed that Montenegro is one of the fastest countries on the European path.

In that sense, he expressed the belief that the EU will, after elections for the European Parliament and more precise images of Brexit, focus more heavily on the integration of the Western Balkans. On this path, Montenegro will have full support from Germany, especially regarding one of the most important issues in the negotiations on the rule of law.

The President of Montenegro thanked President Steinmeier for inviting him on an official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany and the very eventful program of the tour. With the satisfaction of the extremely good relations between the two countries, he thanked President Steinmeier for the great support of Germany, which is continually provided to Montenegro at the time when the country preserved stability, and when it embarked on the path of integration and the establishment of democracy, as an independent state, for working hard on the construction of institutions and achieving European standards. This German attitude is not only toward Montenegro, but also toward the entire region, for which stability is the key to further integration, and a higher quality of life of citizens.

Germany's attention is impressive, and it would be essential to use your influence so that other European addresses help europeanization of the Balkans, said President Đukanović. He also introduced Steinmeier with the priorities of state policy-the dynamic economic development of the country and EU membership. Even more important is the presence of German investors, which will help us to adopt European standards faster and more directly, Đukanović said.

"Although a small country, we are trying to be a serious promoter of European politics in the region," he said, with the assessment that Germany's support in the field of justice, internal affairs and foreign affairs is particularly important.

A significant part of the conversation was dedicated to the current situation in the region. President Steinmeier was particularly interested in the position of President Đukanović in relation to the remaining open issues. Both sides welcomed the agreement of Skopje and Athens, which can be an example of how difficult issues are solved when there is political will and clear goals for it, which should serve as an inspiration for the remaining open issues in the region.

The First Ladies of Montenegro and the Federal Republic of Germany Lidija Đukanović and Elke Budenbender had a separate conversation during which they paid special attention to the role of women in public and political life and youth education.

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