Montenegro at Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee in Strasbourg

By , 14 Mar 2019, 00:32 AM Politics
Montenegro at Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee in Strasbourg Copyrights: Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee

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12 March 2019 - Chief Negotiator Aleksandar Drljević took part in the 17th session of the EU-Montenegro Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee in Strasbourg. The opening of the last negotiating chapter will be acknowledged by the previous efforts of Montenegro and a significant step towards membership, Drljević said, adding that it will also be an additional incentive for intensifying activities. 

"Acceleration of dynamics in the first place depends on us, but also the factors of European politics, as well as the European public. EU support as a whole is crucial to maintain the motivation and continue a committed fulfillment of the remaining obligations, within the provisional and final benchmarks in the negotiating chapters. Neither Montenegro nor the EU should risk omitting a step in the most successful example of the enlargement process," Drljević said in his address to Montenegrin and European parliamentarians. 

He recalled the importance that the Government attaches to reform activities in Chapters 23 and 24, assessing that the commitment of institutions and their latest activities in the fight against corruption and organised crime are the basis for the expectation that the European Commission will soon draft a Report on the fulfillment of interim benchmarks. 

The Chief Negotiator said that Montenegro remains permanently committed to its European path, which has no alternative, but also to maintain good neighbourly relations and cooperation with the countries of the region based on the values that the EU cherished. 

"Montenegro entered the EU integration process with the clear goal of reforming, improving and strengthening its system and society in line with the values of modern democratic systems. After more than six years, the results indicate that we see visible progress and use the process as good preparation for future membership in the EU. So far, we have shown the will and determination to cope with the challenges that this process brings and, I assure you, that will be the case in the future," Drljević stressed. 

Furthermore, he expressed the expectation that the enlargement policy, which also found the place among the priorities of the previous and current presidency, would be a trend followed by the other Member States during their presidency of the EU Council. "We hope that this important EU policy will find its place and support in the next European Parliament and European Commission," the Chief Negotiator concluded.

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