Defence Strategy Proposal: Military Threat to Montenegro Significantly Reduced

By , 09 Mar 2019, 19:13 PM Politics
Defence Strategy Proposal: Military Threat to Montenegro Significantly Reduced Copyrights: Army of Montenegro

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09 March 2019 - The danger of a military threat to Montenegro has been significantly reduced as a result of the country's integration into NATO and the reduction of military assets in the region, but it should not be ignored in the future, it is stated in the Defence Strategy Proposal.

At the end of 2018, the Parliament of Montenegro adopted the Strategy of National Security of Montenegro, a document that defines the development and functioning of the system of national security of Montenegro and it is an expression of its commitment to be a part of the regional and global security systems. The Strategy addresses the national interests, security objectives, security risks and challenges, possible reactions of the state of Montenegro to these risks and challenges as well as the structure of the national security system.

Although the likelihood of the outbreak of conventional conflicts in the region is low, they cannot be completely excluded, according to the Defence Strategy Proposal. The security of Montenegro can be adversely affected by the crisis in the region of Southeast Europe, but due to indirect influence, instability in other regions cannot be ignored. The environment will continue to be exposed to political, security, economic, ethnic, religious and other differences and events in the Western Balkans.

As stated in the proposal, the danger of a military threat to Montenegro has significantly decreased today, but should not be ignored in the future. Globally, challenges, risks, and threats to national security are not primarily related to the use of military force. Non-military threats and risks are becoming more and more complex and they are significantly increasing: cyber threats, the intelligence of some states, massive illegal migration, regional differences in the demographic structure of the population and others.

The basic principles of the defence policy of Montenegro include building an effective, credible and sustainable defence system, development of military capabilities, improving regional cooperation, strengthening capacities and capabilities to meet future challenges as well as securing financial and material resources necessary for further development of the defence system.

The strategy defines defensive goals, resources and the way of achieving the set goals. The strategy is the basis for development of the defence system; the preparation of the Doctrine of the Army, the Defence Plan of Montenegro, the development plans of the Army, the plans for equipping the Army; defence preparations of state bodies and economy of Montenegro, and preparation of other documents in the field of functioning and development of the defence system and the army.

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