Protests Supported by Montenegrin Intelligence in Diaspora

By , 28 Feb 2019, 14:19 PM Politics
Protests Supported by Montenegrin Intelligence in Diaspora Protests in Podgorica, Photo by Boris Pejovic, Vijesti

February 28, 2019 - A group of engaged citizens in the Diaspora supported the civil protests in Podgorica and Bar by letter.

In their letter, Montenegrin inteligence in the Diaspora says:

"This way we want to encourage all stakeholders in peaceful civic protests that have been held in Podgorica every Saturday, from February 16th, and in Bar in the last few months.
We support your efforts to promote the necessary social changes and we want to highlight the enormous importance of the out-of-institutional action of citizens who are prepared to fight abuse of power, corruption, non-compliance with laws, the abolition of media freedom, the resale of social and natural resources and the absence of a perspective for young people.
We believe that our human, civic and academic duty to support the protests - they are the expression of freedom and a cry of illness in which corruption and injustice have become a healthy state. Montenegro, as we want to be democratic, open, ecological and progressive and grow our country, the contribution of all its free citizens, the country and the Diaspora is needed.
The prerequisite of such a free and democratic European Montenegro is the democratic shift of authority. Under the conditions of imprisoned institutions and manipulated elections, the first step towards this change is this massive civic activity outside the captured institutions and through the direct manifestation of their sovereignty.
Authoritarian rulers, lurking in corruption, crime and anti-democratic practices, cannot be the leaders of such a Montenegro. Free citizens of Montenegro can and must.
Group of Engaged Citizens and Citizens in Diaspora"
By this letter, the protests supported:
▪ Dr. Goran Ivo Marinović, Professor at the Latino American University (Mexico)
▪ Dr. Bojan Baća, Postdoctoral at the South East European Studies Center, Grace University (Austria) and researcher at the Laboratories for Global Digital Citizenship, University of York (Canada)
▪ Dr. Jelena Bakić, a researcher at the Center for Tran Disciplinary Research "Culture, Space and Memory," University of Porto (Portugal)
▪ Marko Begović, Ph.D. at the German Sports University in Cologne (Germany), research partner at the Sports Institute "Play the Game" (Denmark), director of the sports academy "Hellas" (Sweden)
▪ Albert Bikaj, magistrate at the University of Zagreb (Croatia)
▪ Dr. med. Žana Blagojević, Radiology Spectrum (Slovenia)
▪ Vasilije Čarapić, magistrate at the University of Oxford Brooks (United Kingdom)
▪ Sonja Dragović, a researcher at the Laboratory for Urban Studies Studies (Portugal)
▪ Mirko Đuković, Ph.D. in Central European University (Hungary)
▪ Ljubomir Đurković, drama writer (Slovenia)
▪ Dušan Đurović, former editor of the Semi-official (Island)
▪ Ilija Đurović, writer (Germany)
▪ Maša Elezović, magistrate at the London University College (United Kingdom)
▪ Biljana Janjšević, magistrate at the Chalmers University of Technology in Goteborg (Sweden)
▪ Saša Klikovac, Social Pedagogue (Sweden)
▪ Prof. Dr. Filip Kovačević, Department of Political Science, University of San Francisco, California (United States)
▪ Jovan Loncar, Businessman (United States)
▪ Denis Ljuljanović, Ph.D. in Marmara University (Turkey) and Justus-Liebig University (Germany) and Assistant at the Department of History of South East Europe, Justus-Liebig University
▪ Petar Marković, Ph.D. at the Free University of Brussels (Belgium) and the Free University LUISS Guido Carle (Italy), ECIT Executive Director and guest lecturer at the Vesalius College in Brussels (Belgium)
▪ Hanja Marović, journalist (Germany)
▪ Ivan Marović, composer (Germany)
▪ Dr. med. Dušan Matković, anesthesiologist (Kuwait)
▪ Mirjana Medojevic, theater director and drama writer (Slovenia)
▪ Boro Milović, researcher and consultant in the area of public diplomacy and EU affairs (Belgium)
▪ Stevan Milivojević, LGBTIQ activist, Chinese language student (China)
▪ Dr. med. Marina Minić-Novčić, Internal Medicine Spectrum (United Kingdom)
▪ Radoš Mušović, magistrate at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
▪ Prof. Dr. Nikola Perovic, economist (United Arab Emirates)
▪ Dušan Popović, designer, Chinese Academy of Art (China)
▪ Miloš Pušonjić, director (Poland)
▪ Boris Radunović, Architect (China)
▪ Dr. Nela Smolović Jones, a lecturer at the Open University (UK)
▪ Marko Sošić, magistrate at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
▪ Slobodan Šabeljić, writer (Portugal)
▪ Maša Šćepanović, Ph.D. at the University of Carlos III in Madrid (Spain)
▪ Dr. Vera Šćepanović, a lecturer at the University of Leiden (Netherlands)
▪ Vuk Uskoković, Ph.D. at the European University Institute (Italy)
▪ Luka Vučinić, a Ph.D. in Trinity College in Dublin and a researcher at iCRAG - Ireland's Research Center for Applied Geo Nuclease (Ireland)

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