Protests Made Opposition to Leave Their Party Interests Aside

By , 26 Feb 2019, 20:57 PM Politics
Protests Made Opposition to Leave Their Party Interests Aside Protests "97,000- Odupri se" in Podgorica, Photo: Boris Pejovic, Vijesti

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February 26, 2019 - Civic protests brought the opposition to a final act because, in the atmosphere of massive civil protests already launched, they could not remain aside. They helped to create a picture of opposition unity and showed that it was time for the opposition parties to get political light points in the second plan finally, says the director of Politikon Network Jovana Marovic.

From the opposition parties supporting the protests say that this time, their blade of political action has finally focused on the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), that they realized the importance of the moment and the extent of the protests, and that all the differences within the opposition must be forgotten for the success of the demonstrations.

Most of the opposition parties publicly backed the peaceful gatherings of citizens so far and respected the demands of the organizers to come to the protests without party marks, and from the Democratic Front (DF) provided transportation for citizens who wanted to go to Podgorica and join the protest. Since the start of the protest, opposition parties have not attacked each other, and Democrats leader Aleksa Becic recently said that the party vetoed all the conflicts in the opposition.

Marovic says that the organizers are clear from the very beginning that any party features are not desirable at gatherings and during the protest walk, and that it is a recipe for successful resistance to any pressure. "For now there are no visible attempts to put protests into the party context, and it would be good to remain so. On the other hand, the opposition scene is not idyllic, and it can be seen by dissonant tones, which are still in a different light compared to the protests. The protests helped to create an image of the unity of the opposition, but since it existed and at the very beginning of the boycott of the parliament, the opposition should finally get the political light points in the second plan, and this time it plays more wisely, " Marovic told Vijesti.

Provided that the protests are fruitful, that the pressure on power is steady and continuous, she adds the opposition must take care not to bring things back to its beginning by its traditional attacks.

"Spontaneous protests show us that citizens want more fundamental changes to the shift of power, which is one of the basic postulates of democracy. Citizens also tell the authorities, but primarily the opposition, that the value framework has to be changed, and those cosmetic refinements are not enough either to come from one or the other, "says the director of Politikon Network.

DF deputy Jovan Vucurovic says that the protest has undoubtedly begun to give results. "And it is obvious that there are energy and determination to endure the demands that have been made fully. The people have united, want to free Montenegro, no longer want to be a hostage to the criminal regime, and openly oppose so many obvious anomalies, corruption, and robbery that comes from the very top of the government, "he said.

He states that he got the impression that everyone in the opposition realized the importance of the moment and the extent of the protest, as an essential tool in the direction of changing the regime.

"DF, the first who promoted nonviolent struggle in Montenegro's political life, expresses the satisfaction that we are all on the same task now and that there is a high degree of consensus and unity in opposition to meet citizens in all matters to succeed. DF has repeatedly emphasized that it supports the protests and we are available to help as far as we can, without any solicitation and moves that could harm them. In our opinion, this is the obligation of everyone in the opposition, "Vucurovic said.

The Secretary-General of the Democrats Boris Bogdanovic points out that the unity of the opposition is a broad term, but that the opposition has managed to reach agreement on specific issues. "We do not accept the conditions under which all the previous electoral processes in Montenegro have been realized. If there are no presidential and parliamentary elections without fair and fair electoral conditions, a veto on mutual and inter-party attacks to victory over the DPS, it is necessary to persevere in maintaining and organizing all forms of peaceful, democratic and civic non-institutional pressure on the government, "said Bogdanovic. From this, he adds, it is to note that all opposition political subjects, regardless of ideological and program differences, have finally directed their blade of political action to the primary source of all social anomalies and problems - the DPS. "That the opposition energy should not be gasped on sloping opposition strikes, but that every subject in the opposition in the case of need stands in defense of opposition colleagues to whom the government attacks every day," says Bogdanovic.

The Civil Movement URA stated that going out into the streets, peaceful and civil protests was the only correct answer to this state of affairs in the country, and that until now it turned out to be good when citizens are leading protests and that it gives much greater synergy. "We must forget about all the differences that exist, political, program, national, religious, social, and we all need to be united at this historic moment. We started on a good road, and so it's good to continue. The ultimate goal must be to free Montenegro from the criminals who kidnapped her. We can only do this together, "said URA Secretary General Mile Radovanic.

He adds that even those subjects who hesitated realized that there was no other way. "Opposition parties must support the protests with their logistics, and it is vital that we leave our party interests aside. Current events and this struggle is something that goes beyond parties and everyday politics. The topics that citizens are not currently focusing on should not be actualized, "said Radovanic.

Radovanic said that the current protests are a unique opportunity for everyone to be in opposition and act together for the sake of liberty. Taking into account all the political and program differences that exist, he adds, the future of Montenegro is the point of merging around which there is the consensus of all socio-political actors.

"We have to deal with the criminal octopus who kidnapped the state. The protests aimed precisely at the goal have been to restore the state's abduction by peaceful, civic means. We do not want to demolish the state but build it on European values. The RTCG was abducted from its citizens, the judiciary was kidnapped, the prosecutor's office, the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption was deposed, Montenegro has no Assembly, but only has a building, "said Radovanovic.

He points out that the opposition must not, in any way, make the energy that is rampant. "A recent meeting with Commissioner Hahn has shown that the opposition can be unique around certain points. The meeting was excellent because, in addition to all program and political differences, the opposition was unique in the view that no institutional struggle in such conditions makes sense. Therefore, the elections organized by DPS do not make sense, "Radovanovic said.

Text by Darvin Muric, Vijesti

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