MANS: Amount of Evidence Piling Up against Gvozdenovic is Worrisome

By , 26 Feb 2019, 13:40 PM Politics
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Dejan Milovac from the MANS Research Center said that the amount of evidence that has been piling up for years against the longtime state official Branimir Gvozdenovic, is becoming worrisome, but not nearly as much as the lack of adequate response by the competent state authorities when it comes to this matter.

"Over the past years, MANS has filed hundreds of pages of written evidence that testifies to the brutal violation of the law by Gvozdenovic, whether it is a privatization process, an energy sector or spatial planning," said Milovac.

He adds that there is almost no area which Gvozdenovic dealt with, "without having resulted in serious doubts about corruption."

"The information that has come to the public from the beginning of this year again testifies to numerous suspicious transactions that Gvozdenovic has not yet been prosecuted for. One of them refers to the buildings that in one of the last speeches was mentioned by the President of Atlas Group, Dusko Knezevic, and which were built by Gvozdenovic's best-man, Radenko Radojicic. The survey conducted by MANS in 2012 showed that Gvozdenovic, as the Minister of Urbanism, allowed his best-man to build two residential buildings, with nearly 100 housing units in contravention of the law and the planning documents.

The criminal complaint filed at the time stated that Gvozdenovic abused the function of the Minister of Urbanism and the companies of his best-man ("RR Inženjering" and "Kapacity") in 2010 issued building permits that allowed the construction of several surplus floors than it was allowed by the plan at the time for the village Momisici in Podgorica. Although we warned then that Gvozdenovic should be abolished due to the violation of the law, the Assembly of the Capital in 2012 adopted the amendments of the plan and thus legalized this agreement among the best-men. Amendments to the plan were initiated, at the time, by the Mayor Miomir Mugosa, who was also included in the criminal charges as an accomplice," said Milovac.

He said that "unfortunately, the prosecution at the time headed by Prosecutor Ranka Carapic rejected this criminal complaint by failing to fully investigate the relations between Gvozdenovic and Radojicic but also their interest in violating the law in this way." This is just one of the many criminal reports that over the last decade MANS filed against a longtime state official.

Just to recall, MANS reported Gvozdenovic for participation in the legalization of villas on Zavala, the privatization of St. Stefan, the clip "Snimak", enabling the investors, such as Brano Micunovic and the company of Darko Saric, to build conflicting the law, as well as the legalization of numerous buildings in Podgorica and on the coast through modification of planning documents when he enabled the privileged investors not only the acquisition of extra profit but also the avoidance of criminal liability. While it is well known in whose favor Gvozdenovic has violated the law for years, the Montenegrin Prosecutor’s Office has still not done anything to examine what was the price of those "favors", Milovac concluded.

Gvozdenovic: What MANS calls evidence is only the fabrication of the truth

MANS speaks about numerous criminal charges that they have filed against me and about "hundreds of pages of evidence", but MANS does not mention the fact which is more than obvious - that the prosecution regularly rejected these applications. That, I suppose, sufficiently speaks about the merits of their "evidence", the Vice-president of the Assembly Branimir Gvozdenović announced. He reacted to the allegations of the Network for Affirmation of the Non-Governmental Sector from which it was announced that the amount of evidence that has been piling up over the years against Branimir Gvozdenovic is becoming worrisome, but not nearly as much as the absence of an adequate reaction by the competent state authorities when it comes to this matter. Gvozdenovic assessed that the logic that MANS addresses the public "within their continuous campaign of unsubstantial and unfounded accusations" is astounding.

"In fact, even before filing each of the applications, MANS was always aware that my guilt is not real, that what they call evidence is actually a fabrication of the 'truth', such that the evidence for it cannot exist. Each of these applications was submitted due to the media attention, i.e. the organization of sensationalist press conferences on which I would be further accused. In other words, instead of MANS, after each dismissal of their criminal charges, informed the public, they continued on their own," Gvozdenović said.

He said that the truth cannot be created, nor the evidences can be found for the lies.

"They can with enough motive, and MANS, obviously, has them, create an apparition of truth, especially in the part of the public opinion that follows the political divisions in Montenegro," the vice-president of the Assembly concluded.

Source: Vijesti

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