Meta: Albania Interested in Common Projects in Border Zone

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Meta: Albania Interested in Common Projects in Border Zone
January 22, 2019 - According to the Albanian President, Ilir Meta, Albania is interested in establishing a naval line from Virpazar to Skadar and the deepening of the riverbed of Bojana River to valorise Skadar Lake.
Albanian President Ilir Meta visited the cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle and the Archdiocese of Bar, where he talked with Archbishop Monsignor Rok Djonlesaj, priests and vice-president of the Municipality of Bar Tanja Spicanovic.
The topic of the discussion was the cooperation between Bar and Albanian cities, primarily in the field of tourism, which will improve the opening of another border crossing between Montenegro and Albania, the border crossing Ckla-Zoganje.
Asked whether Albania is interested in opening the waterway - establishing a naval line from Virpazar to Skadar and deepening the riverbed of Bojana to valorise Skadar Lake, in the interest of both Montenegrin and Albanian sides, Meta replied that it was the topic of talks on and state level.
"With the attempt to strategically manage the common heritage that we have, both the sea and the lake, we are opening new border crossing, namely Ckla-Zoganje. We are interested in improving our capacity for tourism by opening the water line Virpazar-Skadar. Also, at the state level, we talked about the deepening of the riverbed of Bojana river so to make it suitable for navigation," said Meta, who stressed that tourists from Albania are happy to come to Budva, but we need to present them the potentials of the Bar Riviera which has both sea and lake coast.
Meta addressed the leaders of the Municipality of Bar congratulating the excellent cooperation that the Municipality and the Catholic Church have.
"My impressions are extraordinary. The new cathedral and the Archdiocese of Bar are important sights and tourist attractions. Albanians are particularly sensitive when it comes to faith, here we see the contribution of communion and interpersonal relationships," Meta said and reminded that religion, especially Christianity, was exiled from the former regime in Albania.
"We are looking forward to our extraordinary relationship with the Vatican. We are glad to see the improvement of these relations," said the president of Albania.
Archbishop of Bar, Monsignor Rok Djonlesaj expressed his satisfaction that the President of Albania was interested in this institution, the Archdiocese of Bar, the Catholic Church, and ready to help in his power.
"Albania's President expressed his willingness to establish cooperation between Bar and one city in Albania, particularly in the field of tourism. It is necessary to enable people to move more efficiently and faster to the benefit of all," said Archbishop of Bar Monsignor Rok Djonlesaj
Vice-President of the Municipality of Bar Tanja Spicanovic recalls that Montenegro and Albania are friendly countries, whose model of cooperation and mutual respect can serve the example of other countries in the region.
"The creation of the Ckla border crossing will, even more, connect people in the border zone, Ostros and Krajina, with Albania. The municipality of Bar has foreseen budget for 2019 for the project documentation," said Spicanovic.
Source: Jedro Bar

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