Đukanović: Transforming Development of Montenegro

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Đukanović: Transforming Development of Montenegro Copyrights: President of Montenegro Photo

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03 December 2018 - By putting the knowledge and technological innovation in the service of sustainable development, we want to transform the overall development of Montenegro, as ecological country, according to the requests of the agenda 2030, said the President of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović, at the Summit of Leaders of 24th Conference of the Contracting States of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that is taking place in Katowice, Poland.

This conference represents one of the most important assemblies of the representatives of the states, science institutions, and organizations of civil society, three years after the adoption of history agreement in Paris.

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Đukanović pointed out the dedication Montenegro shows in searching for optimal responses to climate change, as one of the most complex challenges today, while especially pointing out Paris Agreement.

Montenegro has defined a very ambitious objective of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. By 2030, Đukanović expects considerable investments with the aim of achieving 33% share of renewable energy resources.

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During the Summit, as usual, Đukanović had several informal encounters during which he made his interlocutors familiar with the current situation in Montenegro, which is dynamically moving forward, towards the EU. He also presented the results of economic growth that Montenegro achieved aiming to reach the European life standard.

He discussed about the current situation in the WB region, emphasizing the need for cooperation with the aim of overcoming the challenges that overwhelm the region.

Prime Minister of the Netherlands pointed out an important role of Montenegro in the region, presenting it as a bright spot, stable country with a great European perspective.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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