EMSA Support Montenegrin Maritime Administration to Meet IMO Standards

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EMSA Support Montenegrin Maritime Administration to Meet IMO Standards minsaob.gov.me
December 3, 2018 - The delegation of the European Maritime Safety Agency EMSA is on a multi-day visit to the Montenegrin maritime administration to prepare Montenegro for the IMSAS mandatory audit for member states of the International Maritime Organization IMO.
State Secretary at the Ministry of Traffic and Maritime Affairs Muamer Hajdarpasic reminded members of the delegation that Montenegro, on October 10, 2006, officially became a member of the International Maritime Organization (167) and accepted the conventions and protocols of the IMO, as well as the rights and obligations.
"It is necessary to take into account the activities Montenegro is undertaking on the road to European integration by strengthening the legal and administrative framework with the aim of raising the level of security and security, protecting the sea from pollution and protecting human life on the sea," Hajdarpašić emphasized.
The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs together with the Maritime Safety Directorate continues to monitor IMO recommendations and the legal framework of the EU and tries to respond to all challenges, especially given the limited administrative capacity and the limited financial resources, said the representative of the Ministry of Transport.
"In the previous period, activities that resulted in the return of Montenegrin seafarers to White Paper EU; the elimination of Montenegro with the so-called "blacklist" of Paris MOU and the transfer of powers to provide services for the inspection of ships and the issue of required testimonies for ships sailing under the Montenegrin flag. Along with these activities, we are also working intensively at the reception of Montenegro in the Paris MoU," said Hajdarpašić.
EMSA Team Leader Hemming Hindborg praised the cooperation of the Montenegrin maritime administration with this evolutionary institution and expressed its conviction that the experience and tradition that Montenegro has in sailing will be a significant contribution in the period to come.
"Although it is a young state concerning membership in international maritime organizations, Montenegro has shown an enviable level of seriousness and readiness to accept and apply the suggestions and recommendations it receives, but also to show the progress made by the international maritime community," Hindborg said.
The EMSA audit team is preparing Montenegro for IMSAS, which is scheduled for November next year, with the aim of further improving the efficiency of the Montenegrin maritime administration.s
"I believe that this audit will be an excellent indicator of how to prepare ourselves adequately for all future commitments, as well as for addressing any shortcomings. It is good that the suggestions and recommendations come from competent institutions that can impartially observe the maritime administration, and therefore we believe that we will have a sincere partner that will help us to jointly contribute to the safety of navigation and protection of the sea from pollution on the road to Montenegro from sailing objects," concluded Hajdarpašić
The meeting with EMSA was attended by the Director General of the Naval Administration Vladan Radonjić with his associates, the Captain of the Harbor Command Kotor and Bar, Bruno Brkanović and Predrag Ratković with their associates, the Director of Naval Safet Kočan as well as the safety inspectors.

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