Kemp: Montenegro Source of Stability in the Balkans

By , 04 Nov 2018, 01:29 AM Politics
Kemp: Montenegro Source of Stability in the Balkans Copyrights: Government of United Kingdom

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03 November 2018 - Montenegro is a source of stability, in the region and beyond its borders, said Alison Kemp, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Montenegro.

The UK welcomes sMontenegro’s role and contribution in the Balkans amid political turmoil in the region, which happens in Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Montenegro is a source of stability, in the region and beyond its borders: as the NATO member state and the leader in the process of EU integration, as the participant in NATO-EU-UN missions and as an example of patient and consistent settlement of bilateral disputes. However, this does not mean Montenegro is not facing challenges such as the need for further strengthening of the rule of law and sustainable economic development. The process of EU integration represents an effort to overcome these challenges so that the country’s position shouldn’t be questioned in the next wave of the EU enlargement,” noted Kemp.

As for the UK, she added, Montenegro is perceived as a NATO ally and the two nations have been forging close ties. The UK will be fully involved in the EU activities while being its member state.

“Also, we will continue providing support to Montenegro, especially in the context of your aspirations towards the EU. The EU accession process is intensive and quite challenging, created with the aim to ensure harmonization of Montenegrin standards with the EU practice and ideals. As for the rule of law, this year Montenegro will have concrete obligations denoted on several hundreds of pages with given detailed steps for the strengthening of the Montenegrin legal system,” concluded Kemp.

Kemp also said the two countries are not just allies but partners and friends, and that Montenegro is gradually getting rid of stereotypes while simultaneously being utterly intriguing to the Brits.


Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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