Montenegro and Serbia: Stronger Fight Against Organised Crime

By , 02 Aug 2018, 02:47 AM Politics
Montenegro and Serbia: Stronger Fight Against Organised Crime Copyrights: Government of Montenegro

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01 July, 2018 - Minister of the Interior Mevludin Nuhodžić met today in Belgrade with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Nebojša Stefanović. The two officials spoke about cooperation between the two countries' police in the fight against organised crime. Following the meeting, ministers signed seven agreements and two protocols on border traffic and border control. 

Nuhodžić and Stefanović emphasised that the two countries' police, with even more intense cooperation, want to send a clear message to criminals - that they will fight even stronger and that they will stand in the way of organised criminal groups. Nuhodžić pointed out the joint message from today's meeting - that no one is stronger than the state, cannot be stronger and will not be stronger. 

"We will, as before, dedicate full attention to these issues and will continue to work together to strengthen the fight against these threats that are present in our two countries. The cooperation and joint activities of the police of our two countries have yielded significant results in the locating of persons who are internationally wanted, intersecting the channels of drug trafficking, as well as illuminating serious crimes committed on the territory of Montenegro and Serbia," noted Nuhodžić. 

He also specified that the signed agreements and protocols regulate the regime of all six border crossings at the border of Serbia and Montenegro, while the agreement on cross-border traffic will regulate the conditions and way of crossing the border by the population of the border belt. 

This agreement defines 21 crossing point for crossing the state border outside the officially opened border crossings. This is very important for our population in border municipalities, because it will be easier for them to move and cross the border in order to solve the everyday needs of those people, as noted by Nuhodžić.


Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Stefanović expressed satisfaction with the cooperation with his counterparts from Montenegro and reminded that the two ministries exchange information on a daily basis. 

"We talked about current events in our region and improved cooperation in order to act effectively, strongly and decisively for the complete safety of our citizens. In the fight against organised crime, we have no choice but to win and show to the citizens of Serbia and Montenegro that by working together, cooperating and exchanging information we can break organised crime and arrest all those who are organisers or perpetrators of some of the most serious crimes," Stefanović stressed. 

Stefanović also said that the agreements on border traffic and border control, which are signed today, will contribute to improving the efficiency of the work of the border police of the two countries. 

"Regarding irregular migration, I would remind you that this is not an issue that only affects our country, and that a unique response needs to be found at the level of the whole Europe. We want to develop the strongest and best possible relations with neighbours in the region, and to jointly take an attitude that would protect the security of our countries, but also contribute to the creation of a common European solution," Stefanović concluded.

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