The Descendants of the Migrants will Return to Montenegro

By , 29 Jul 2018, 12:45 PM Politics
No more moving out from the country because of material reasons: From the Council’s assembly No more moving out from the country because of material reasons: From the Council’s assembly Savo Prelevic

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Montenegro's chief political advisor Milan Roćen said he expects that people will not leave Montenegro for material reasons anymore.

"The day when the descendants of our emigrants will return to Montenegro is not far away," he said at the third session of the Council for Cooperation with Migrants.According to him, Montenegro has, for 12 years from the renewal of independence, become the leading economy in the region, but also the youngest member of NATO. Out of the 30 percent of the European average in 2006, we came to 46 percent, and in that period, foreign investments in the gross domestic product accounted for 18 to 19 percent, "said Roćen. He added that the era of digital diaspora will facilitate cooperation with immigrants and that it can play an important role in increasing the dynamics of economic development, as was the case during the renewal of state independence. The Council has adopted the Declaration on the Future of Montenegro in the European Union. Boris Popivoda, Vice President of the Council, said that the session raised issues of the greatest interest to the diaspora, including strengthening of cooperation with Montenegro, preservation of languages, culture and traditions in emigration communities, especially in the younger generation of emigrants, as well as the need to liberalize the law on Montenegrin citizenship to facilitate the conditions for acquiring citizenship to emigrants, their offspring and their spouses."Assessment is the experience of me personally and the community I represent, the Montenegrin community in Macedonia, that nostalgia leads people to want to have what they lack in a certain stage of their age, namely to verify their citizenship with a single passport - a passport of Montenegro. Normally, it goes quite hard for many reasons that are very objective. But there is also a need for some flexibility, so if there is a discretionary right, we should find solutions for this case, "said Popivoda.

Text by Milos Rudovic, on 28th July 2018, read more at Vijesti

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