Marković: There are No Camps for Migrants in Montenegro, Only Political Manipulations

By , 28 Jun 2018, 17:19 PM Politics
Marković at the premiere hour Marković at the premiere hour Luka Zekovic

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June 28, 2018 - The Prime Minister Duško Markovic said that there are no camps for migrants in Montenegro and that those are political manipulations.

"You said something false. I have never said that Montenegro would build camps for thousands of illegal migrants in order to reduce the pressure on the EU border. Find this statement, quote it. If I said that, then I said it in some disagreeable state, and I'm trying to be conscious. That is not correct. It's manipulation. I did not say that Montenegro will be a migrant's refugee on behalf of the EU," the prime minister said, answering the question of Milos Knežević, a delegate from the Democratic Front.

The Delegate in asked him to answer on the basis of which instructions were decided to construct camps for thousands of illegal migrants in Montenegro."How would you, as you stated, lessen the pressure on the borders of the European Union? Why do you think that the stability of the state and the security of Montenegrin citizens are less important than the security of citizens and stability of the EU?" the question stated. In explaining the question, Knežević assessed that the refugee camp in Montenegro would be the largest one in Europe.

"You want to accept 50,000 migrants. It is the size of Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac together," said the DF deputy, arguing that among them were terrorists.

"Fifty thousand migrants from the north of Greece, when they enter Montenegro, will no longer go anywhere because the EU will close its borders and will return them from the border to you, and then they will be so nervous that they will spread slightly over Delta and Gintaš, and they will blow each other up the air."

The prime minister said he never said he would build camps to reduce pressure on the EU border. 

"While the EU is working on a unique formula for a sustainable solution related to migration, the Western Balkans recognizes it as one of the key partners. Europe's security and challenges are indivisible and shared.

"Montenegro said it was particularly devoted to cross-border cooperation with neighboring countries," Markovic said at the premiere hour. He added that the Government is acting on its own responsibility, above all for the security of the country and the security of its citizens. "We are undertaking measures with liability in order to be ready to accept an increased number of migrants, if that happens, learned from the experience of others after the great wave that took place in 2015. Montenegro has a humanitarian tradition to provide shelter to victims who have been reported as a result of wars and suffering. Every society has the responsibility to provide them with dignified conditions of acceptance. And that is the policy of this government, whether you are angry or not," Markovic told Knezevic.

He explained that in this regard, a project of rehabilitation of a border watchtower from the time of SFRJ was being planned in order to increase the capacity for acceptance and accommodation of migrants. He added that through the financial support of the EU, Montenegro has started procurement of special containers that will enable the resolution of the issue for accommodation in the event of a significantly larger inflow of migrants. 

DF deputy Milan Knezevic told the prime minister that during his three-month stay in Spuž was jail time with a man named Duško Marković. "I thought it was a provocation of some foreign, western services. I spent 46 days with Dusko Markovic. We became friends, but I just want to say that not every Dusko Markovic is the same," Knezevic said. The Prime Minister answered Knezevic that every Dusko Markovic is good."But you need time to understand this. You will see that I am, as well, as the other Markovic, a good guy," Markovic said.

Text by Milos Rudovic, on June 27th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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