Division of Political Cake in Bar Harder than Expected

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Partners at state and local levels: Brajović and Đukanović Partners at state and local levels: Brajović and Đukanović Boris Pejovic

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June 25, 2018 - A month after the elections in 11 towns, the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) agreed with their partners on who would be appointed to the most responsible positions - the presidents of the municipalities and the municipal parliaments. 

Constitutive sessions of the parliaments in several towns are expected to be held this Sunday. However, the example of Bar shows that the problem could be the allocation of other functions.

The division of political cake in Bar is harder than expected. The reason for this is that the coalition partners of DPS have made, from the view of the ruling party, unexpectedly good results that immediately raised their roles in the negotiations and conditioned the finalization of the coalition agreement.

SD took over 3,800, a group of citizens "Biram Bar" headed by Radomir Novakovic Cakan with more than 2,500 votes, while DPS, in spite of its excellent performance in the number of winning delegates - 15, received the smallest number of votes at the elections in Bar this year - slightly over 7,200. The ruling coalition in Bar, as expected, should be made by DPS, SD, "Biram Bar" and the Bosnian party with 28 of 37 members of the local parliament in Bar. The division of functions was the topic at the meeting between the coalition partners which lasted five hours with small breaks on Friday night and a new session will be held today forthcoming the constituent session of SO Bar scheduled for Tuesday the 26th of June.

According to the available data, it is indisputable that DPS will have their own person appointed as the President of the Municipality, and the most likely candidate is Dušan Raičević. The objectives of this party in the Bar municipality are key secretariats - for finances, property, and investments, and for area planning. DPS also wants to keep the Tourist Organization, DOO Moćura, and DOO Lovstvo. SD, on the other hand, wants to form an agency for development, which was one of the main points of their campaign, but also to maintain the existing positions – the Utility Police, the Sports Center, the Department of Protection and the Water Supply company. However, this last item is the biggest stumbling point in the negotiations. From the party headquarters in Podgorica, it was unofficially pointed out that as far as municipal companies are concerned, Vodovod (Water Supply company) is now an "absolute priority". Except for the short story with the Liberal Party, this company has been, since the beginning of the century, under control firstly by the Social Democratic Party and then the SD party. The source did not answer the question of whether this was a sincere desire to take over a company for which the opposition claims to generate for decades, "both finances and secured votes" or the mechanism of pressure on SD to soften its attitudes in the part of the negotiations.

The “Biram Bar" party in the negotiations requires the position of the President of the municipality, at which for the last two years has been Novakovic, and then JP Cultural Center. BS would unofficially be pleased to maintain its current positions - vice president of the municipality and secretary for agriculture and rural development.

A company that no one wants to "fight over" is Utilities company DOO, which is interpreted by interlocutors by "Vijesti" from the ranks of the largest coalition partners, because the transformation of the company is not over yet, and the effects of its work are the most obvious "and most suitable to criticisms".

BP: President of the Municipality and the Parliament to DPS

DPS, with its coalition partners SD and BS, received 25 out of 38 delegates’ places in the parliament in Bijelo polje. The source from the ruling party noted that DPS has the absolute power for the first time and that with its 21 mandates it could be independent, but it would not do so but will continue to run this town with these two parties."Although no details on the division of functions are agreed, all indications point out that nothing will be changed, said DPS in Bijelo polje, highlighting that they always share the same proportionately with the achieved results. SD and BS have been awarded two committee mandates. DPS will have both the President of the Municipality and the one of the Municipality Parliament. Petar Smolovic will remain the President of the Municipality, and Abaz Dizdarević will be elected President of the local parliament at the constitutive session on Thursday. 

Kolašin: Head of the Municipality to DPS and to "Šula and Mikan" the parliament

After four years, DPS regained power in Kolasin and the president's position will be allocated to this party, it was confirmed to "Vijesti" from the ruling party. The position of the President of the local parliament will be given to the group of voters "Šule and Mikan with the citizens of Kolašin".With them, the town will be also led by SD. The Constitutional Session of the local parliament, said DPS, should take place during the first week of July. They said that it is still unknown to whom other functions will pertain in the executive authorities, and that this is yet to be negotiated with the coalition partners. At the election on May 27th, DPS won 13, a group of voters three and SD one less. In the past four years, the town was run by a broad opposition coalition. 

Savnik: DPS changes the first people of the town

DPS has decided that Savnik will be led by new people in the next four years. Unofficially, the DPS and SD coalition for the Municipal parliament president will propose a graduate lawyer Jugoslav Jakic who will replace Nadežda Kotlica. He was nominated for this function by the executive and municipal board of DPS from Šavnik. DPS top management has not yet been officially determined in this direction. The unofficial information is the new president of the municipality be the graduate agricultural engineer Vlatko Vuković, the former vice president of the municipality and the president of the local board of DPS. He will replace the actual President of the Municipality Mijomir Vujačić, who has been at this position for years. It is not yet known when the constitutive session will be held, and unofficially it should be no later than Friday. At the elections in Savnik, DPS-SD coalition won absolute power with 19 delegates. 

Žabljak: Session today, they will not change the leaders


Remains at the head of Žabljak: Vukićević PHOTO: Obrad Pješivac

The DPS decided to keep the President of the Municipality and the municipal parliament in the next four-year period. The Presidency of the DPS decided that the president of the local parliament in Žabljak should be Vidoje Tomčić, who has performed this duty so far. At the same time, the head of the party decided to keep Veselin Vukicevic for the president of the municipality. At today's constitutional session of the new convocation of local parliament in Žabljak, the mandates of the members will be verified. The coalition DPS-SD won the absolute authority in the town on May 27th.

Text by Vijesti online, on June 25th, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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